Monday 19 August 2019
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Gain health benefits by consuming natural oil

Most of the experts advise the people to use the natural oil to get health benefits because all the oils have certain properties, which can improve the health of the users. The natural oils are well known as essential oils, which are typically obtained from the plant or trees. So, it will have the same odor and medicinal properties of the source, from which it was extracted. The tarragon essential oil is unique among them because of its aroma and it can be used for cooking. The users can apply it on the skin or can take it orally to treat certain conditions.


Characteristics of Tarragon:

The botanical name of this plant is Artemisia dracunculus and it is species of a sunflower family. It is basically cultivated for cooking purpose and for its medicinal benefits. Russian tarragon is a sub type of this species and it will not be suitable for cooking. It can grow up to 120cm to 150 cm with some branched stems. The stems and leaves of this plant have more medicinal properties so the both can be used. It can produce the flowers with 2-4mm diameter and some of the tarragon produces the viable seeds. The French Tarragon is basically apt for the cooking and it can be purchased as plants in nurseries. The tarragon essential oil is distilled from its leaves and it doesn’t have any particular color. It has bit spicy tasty but it can fight against most of the diseases. It is also known as king of herbs in France.

Advantages of using Tarragon oil:

The antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics of tarragon oil can fight against many conditions and fresh leaves of this plant has the eugenol compound and treats basic conditions. Other benefits of tarragon oil are,

  • Anti-Cancer: It is effective to treat the malevolent conditions like tumors and cancers. A recent study says that the antioxidant properties of the tarragon oil can effectively treat the radicals. It also has the ability to slow down the growth of cataracts, which causes the cancers.
  • Fight against rheumatic: The circulatory properties bring the warmth to the affected parts in the body and heal the pain of rheumatic. It can remove the toxins from the body and detoxify the urination and excretion.
  • It increases the digestion juices and increases the saliva secretion. It also increases the secretion of gastric juices and speeds up the digestion. It can gradually increase the appetite.
  • Increase the circulation of blood flow and lymph. It helps the organs to absorb the nutrition and regulates the hormones.
  • The tarragon oil has the spicy taste and helps the users to decrease their body odor. It also increases the microbes over the skin, which can easily control the body odor.

Women can use this oil to treat their menstrual health issues. The users who like to have a fresh bath can pour 2-3 drops in the water and then can have a natural bath, which can relax them from stress.