Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Facts you need to be aware about medical tourism

Irony medical tourism is a combination of a couple of words. You can say one would be pleasant whereas the others would not be that great. If you combine both of them together you are going to have a great time. What healthcare tourism in India means that you travel to the foreign shores for medical related treatment.  You would have heard of a lot of people availing this option. But you would you be really confused on why they choose this option. To prove your logic wrong there are a lot of welcome signs.

Immediate treatment

In case of certain developed countries access to medical facilities does take a lot of time. In addition there is a long list of patients already waiting for the turn of their surgery. For example in the country of Canada 50 % of the population wait for more than 4 months in order to meet a specialist. The immediate access to medical care facilities is what draws in patients from all over the world to these destinations.


You can pretty well plan a vacation and at the same time do avoid questions from your friends or relatives about the surgery. For example if something is opting for cosmetic surgery, ideally they would not be that keen to share the details with others.

Travel opportunities

The main concern for the patients would be quality health care with proper medical aid. But the onus of visiting a new place works out to be a good feeling for a lot of people. This is all the more in case of dental surgery, where you can enjoy the beauty of the country. This is at the same time when you are getting the treatment done.

Insurance coverage

This does happen to be a top draw for patients planning to choose medical tourism. Seldom has it been observed that patients who resort to this choice do not have the capacity to bear the cost of the treatment in their own countries.

Lack of medical experts

In case of under development countries they do not have medical experts to perform the surgery. There are a lot of surgeries which are complex and do require expert knowledge on how to proceed ahead. So it does become an obligation on the part of these patients to travel to the foreign countries.

This is the same situation that you come across in these countries. There is serious shortage of quality equipment in this regard.

Cost effective

You cannot turn away the fact that cost effective aspect is the main reason on why people look to the offshores. Say for example if you get a surgery done in India and then compare the same surgery cost in India you make savings of more than 40 %. In addition most of the surgeons who practice in the country have better outcomes and less complications. They are tied up with all the top hosptials of the country.