Thursday 18 April 2019
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Using 5 Panel Drug Testing Kits At Workplace – Learn The Amazing Benefits

Drug abuse is the prime concern at workplace as a large number of drug abusers are employed in the USA. As per the National Survey conducted on Drug Use and Health 2009 report, among the total number of 19.3 million the current illegal drug users aged 18 years or older, approximately 67 percent were employed either as full time or part time.

Most Common Drugs Of Abuse

Millions in the USA are abusing some sort of an illegal drug. Some of the most common drugs being abused are:

  • Marijuana – Psychoactive drug
  • Amphetamine – A stimulant
  • Cocaine – A stimulant
  • Opiates – Central Nervous System (CNS) depressants as well as narcotic analgesics
  • Methamphetamine – A stimulant
  • Phencyclidine – Hallucinogen as well as dissociative drug

Drug consumption has made a serious impact on the well being of the person and also on the entire workplace. The aforementioned drugs consumed by employees produce various intoxication effects like poor concentration, confusion, slow thinking and reaction, euphoria, impaired memory, judgment and coordination etc. This certainly leads to workplace accidents which perhaps could result in several injuries or even death of the abuser or other employees.

Hence, it is imperative to indentify the drug abusers by using random drug testing at the work place on a regular basis. You will find various types of drug test kits in the market that help detect the drug abusing employees.

Benefits Of 5 Panel Drug Test Kits

The 5 panel testing kits are used to detect drug abusers, who abuse the common drugs at workplace. It is extremely easy to administer, reliable, easy to use and saves time to detect the presence or absence of multiple drugs. It is merely a dip and read test that is designed to detect illegal drug components in urine. You can obtain instantaneous results by using these kits.

Cost Effective

The 5 panel drug testing kits are extremely cost effective, which means they are available for only a few dollars. Up to 5 different drugs can be detected in a single sample in the very first attempt. This saves a lot of money and there is no need of testing for every single drug separately.

Simple and Very Easy To Use

Anyone can make use of this 5 panel drug testing kits, as they are user friendly. You just need to follow the given instructions and there is also no need of the additional tools to make use of it. They are either available in the form of test cups or test cards.

Drug Tests in Bulk offers solutions for accurate, quick and affordable drug testing in schools or even at workplace. You will find drug testing kits that are FDA approved and also follow the SAMSHA cutoff levels.

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