Sunday 21 July 2019
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Do you consider chest pain to be a normal phase of pregnancy?

Just like immunology in pregnancy medicine, it is obvious that some degree of pain or discomfort in your chest is a routine affair. If any numbness in your arm occurs it would lead to shortness of breath.

One of the regular problemsthat woman face is chest pain. The chances are that it could be a lot severe. Some of the main reasons of chest pain as per oncology in pregnancy department are


Acid influx, eating of fatty food could pave way for heartburn which can lead to sharp heartburn when you are pregnant. Most women experience heartburn during the phase of pregnancy.


If gas would be trapped between your tummy and chest, you are going to have chest pain. Any symptoms of indigestion tends to become worse in the third trimester of pregnancy which begins from around 27th week of your pregnancy.

Widening of your rib cage

When you are pregnant the rib cage widens which does go on to cause muscular tension of your chest. Once the baby grows and goes on to start putting pressure on the chest or muscles it would go on to lead to shortness of breath.


One of the principle causes of chest pain appears to be infection. It could be associated with any disorders of the airways.


Stress is a phenomenon that is existent all around the day. If you are stressed during pregnancy chest pain could be one of the outcomes.

Increase in your breast size

The breasts are known to enlarge when you are pregnant. This would go on to cause stain in the muscles or the joints of the chest leading to a considerable degree of muscular pain.

The above mentioned cases can lead to a mild pain, but there is no need to press the trigger button. But there are a few major issues of chest pain when you are pregnant.

Heart attack

The moment you feel a pain in the left side of your chest, the thing that might strike you is of heart attack. There is a good reason for it as chest pain is one of the most common symptoms of heart attack. There are some other symptoms like numbness or cold sweat. In case if you are part of such symptoms there is no  need to wait as you need to head over to ER.


If you are already having asthma or having symptoms of it, this is a condition that could worsen during pregnancy. There is going to be a tightness in your chest during pregnancy that would result in chest pain.

Any chest pain that you suffer can be managed by making some necessary changes to your lifestyle.

Firstly you need to keep a watch on your posture, ensure that you are providing your lungs with enough amount of space. Do not wait as you might have to sit and wait for the lungs to pump in oxygen.