Sunday 21 July 2019
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Differences Between Marijuana And Alcohol For Hair Follicle Drug Test

You have to search around on the internet to see that people are raising the same question over and over: “Which is more dangerous to consume, marijuana or alcohol?” Truth to be told, it is challenging to create a difference between these two drugs have entirely different and complex reactions in the brain.

Therefore, we cannot say which one is more dangerous, because both of them can create havoc if you abuse them regularly. However, we all know deathly consequences that alcohol consumption creates on the body. Besides, long term abuse and effects of both drugs are entirely different when you compare them with short-term results.

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Marijuana and abuse of weed smoking can lead to psychosis. However, this particular danger depends on specific genetic vulnerabilities that we inherit from our parents. Therefore, we cannot answer the question because it would be like comparing oranges to apples.

However, some advancement in studies and research on both drugs have provided insights that will help you get a partial answer. The study has created how both alcohol and weed affect the human brain.

What Is The Difference?

If you check the last publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences from Scripps Research Institute In California, you can check relevant results. They have investigated the effect of binge alcohol consumption and how it affects the adolescent brain.

Other studies have shown and demonstrated that during the adolescence period, the brain is more vulnerable to various chemical changes and insults. Therefore, they wanted to make this particular issues timely, because statistics have shown that binge alcohol consumption is quite popular among teenagers.

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Neuroscientists have discovered that alcohol consumption creates havoc and injury in a region of the brain we call the hippocampus. This particular part of the brain plays a crucial role in memory and learning.

At the same time, within the hippocampus, we can find cells that will produce new brain cells, or neurons, throughout our life. The process of neurogenesis or cell renewal will become impaired, and you will have trouble forming new memories. At the same time, that will cause symptoms of depression which could lead to more severe psychological damage.

If you consume alcohol for a whole year, it will create enough blood alcohol level to get intoxicated and to reduce the process of neurogenesis by 50%. Apart from that, the decrease in neurogenesis will last many weeks of abstinence too.

You are probably thinking that alcohol binging will cause neurons to die, but that is not a complete truth. This particular myth is not true, because the only change happened was a decrease in the production of new neurons.

These changes can produce long-lasting issues in a hippocampus, which will cause severe problems as well as neurodegeneration in the future.

When compared with effects of alcohol, some studies and publications in the last few years have presented the idea that marijuana has complete opposite effects on the brain and hippocampus. By smoking weed, you will increase the stimulation of neurons as well as neurogenesis. Check this website: for more information on neurogenesis.

When we grow old, our brain will show a significant decline in neurogenesis that happens within the hippocampus. This particular decline causes memory impairments as well as depression that could occur along the way.

Research has shown that by stimulating marijuana receptors, you will be able to restore neurogenesis, even at the old age. Therefore, later in life, weed can help your brain stay healthy which is a way better solution than drinking alcohol and cause further decline.


As we consider these things together, it is essential to check results in various studies so that we can determine the important role on how marijuana affects neurotransmitter system during the entire process.

Therefore, if you want to consume alcohol, you will create vulnerability in your brain which could cause severe issues in your future and interfere with critical processes. We can conclude by saying that binge alcohol consumption is much more harmful in the long term.

However, this is just a partial answered question from above, and further studies and researches will give us the ability to determine what is the best for you. Have in mind one thing, when you overdo anything it will prove harmful for you, so the balance is the key.