Friday 21 February 2020
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Dearborn Pharmacy – Managing Your Medications While You Travel

Dearborn Pharmacy

Prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs need to be managed safely so that humidity and moisture do not affect them. Your doctor gives you directions on when and how to take your medications correctly. However, if you have extra questions and doubts, you generally go to your nearest pharmacy to get information about storing the medicines, especially when you travel. Note, some medications need to be kept in the dark places where some need to be refrigerated. For instance, if you need to take insulin regularly, you can buy a good quality insulin pen with a freezer bag, specially designed for traveling. Insulin needs to be refrigerated for it to work effectively. When you reach your destination, you should put the insulin pen in the refrigerator and take it out only when needed.

Dearborn Pharmacy – Manage medications correctly when you travel

Dearborn Pharmacy is a leading name in Oakland, USA. The pharmacists here are known for their friendly attitude and compassionate nature when it comes to helping people with their medications and other associated information. The pharmacists here guide their customers on how to keep medications safe and free from decay while traveling. Most people need to carry their medications when they travel from one place to another for personal or professional reasons. The pharmacists say the following tips will help for traveling with medication-

Dearborn Pharmacy

1. Always keep them in a carry-on bag- You may be flying from one place to another. Make sure you pack your medications along with your passport and prescription.

2. Know the temperature- When you are traveling by plane, keeping your medications in a carry-on bag will prevent the cold or hot temperatures affect it. However, in case you are traveling by car, make sure you do not keep any medicine in the glove compartment of your vehicle, your luggage, or a trunk. For any liquid medications that you need to inject, make sure you carry them in a lunch bag that is insulated and put them inside a freezer pack.

3. Inform authorities about liquid medication- If you are carrying liquid medicine more than the general limit of 3.4 ounces, inform officers at the security check before boarding a plane. They might want to check the liquid before they grant you permission.

4. Never repackage your medications- Your medications should pass through the security check, so keep their original labels and containers intact.

5. Check the laws- This is very important when you are traveling overseas. A medication that is legal in the USA might not be legal in another country. Before you leave, check with the US Embassy to find out whether the medication you are traveling with to another country is legal there or not.

In the opinion of the pharmacists from Dearborn Heights Pharmacy one should always carry a copy of the prescription with them when traveling.  It is prudent to carry at least 3 to 4 copies of your prescription and keep them in different bags. It is safe to keep a prescription in your handbag or wallet as you might need it for any kind of security check or medical emergency that may arise while traveling.