Sunday 21 July 2019
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CTFO Products and its future in the Industry

Today the people across the world are facing a major problem of excess weight.  It has not been restricted to any age group as the problem is seen in children to adults and older generations.  The main reason for excess weight is the way of life style and the food habits followed by the people. Gone are the days when people use to work very hard and use cycles for traveling and even walk longer distances.  Children use to play outside their homes in groups which use to be an exercise for them.  In the modern world due to lack of time availability due to busy schedules people became highly sophisticated and lazy due to number of innovations and stopped walking and mode of transportation has developed in such a way that everyone can afford a bike or car these days due to their financial status. Children are sticking to televisions and mobiles and video games and due to lack of exercise are gaining weight. So there are so many companies coming in to the market to provide solutions to the problems of obesity. Chew the fat of (CTFO) is one among them.

Scope of CTFO:  This has come into the market in the recent times and has found a place in the health weight loss market with products including appetite control and meal replacement and immune system.  The products do not require any prescription.  Selling CTFO products is legal and has many weight loss products in its product line.

Chewoff:   Chewoff is an chewable which controls the appetite. As per the product information these are cherry berry flavored and healthy and power packed and bite sized. These snacks are chewable with water.  These products helps in satisfying hunger and helps in providing extra energy and also provides minerals, vitamins and fibers and increases the metabolism rate. There are meal replacement products and Shakeoff will serve the purpose and provides blend of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Filtered water bottles which are offered by the drinkoff will be a better choice for drinking better pure water. It comes with ionic absorption which contains micro filtration system and comes till 600 refills.  The other product which is called as super 7 is a chewable, mixture of world best fruits which includes pomegranate, Mangosteen, Acai, Amalaki, Blueberry, Cranberry and Goji.

This business is based on network marketing. The promotion of these products are done through the network of associates to directly reach the customers at the own expenses of the associates. The mode of promotion is the responsibility of the associates whether to promote through word of mouth or email advertisements or directly sending mail or paid advertisement or printed ads.  The compensation in the network marketing is based on the percentage of associate personal sales and the overall percentage of the subordinate team sales.