Monday 22 July 2019
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What are The Causes of Back Pain

The season for lawn mowing, picking fruit, gardening, and muscle forming in gym is the most common reason for the appearance of sciatica at this time of the year. Depending on whether the left or right side of the lower back is being affected, there are stronger or milder pains in the region of the buttocks, the hip and along the entire leg, including the feet of the foot. With the help of the right exercises provided by the pain will slowly go away.

Sciatica or lumbar syndrome affects working-age people and is the most frequent reason for absenteeism.

In addition to a sudden or irreconcilable movement, sciatica can be caused by genetics, as some individuals have a naturally narrower space between the fourth and fifth lumbar sprains. It can also occur due to the effect of hot-cold when after the body is sweating, and it suddenly cools down due to the broken static of the spinal column, and scoliosis. In only 30% of patients, the exact cause of its appearance is revealed.

In order to determine the precise diagnosis, therefore treat it successfully and permanently, the most important diagnostic method is magnetic resonance:

Many people cannot afford this expensive check up. – But if the pain is frequent, it is necessary to perform it because it can point out to a more serious spinal cord disease, such as the onset of a discus hernia. For those who are going for the first time it is advisable to get a medical examination, include medication to calm the pain, and then apply physical therapy – the most important one which consists of defined medical exercises that strengthen the muscles of the back and the abdomen.

When it comes to lower back pain, 50% more people suffer from pain in the neck. The reason is the problems with the nasiadic nerve, which causes acute stiffness. When there are mild pains, the most common issue is a pressed the nerve, and the reason for its inflammation may be the involvement of some of the numerous viruses.

What are The Causes of Back Pain

Do not go to a chiropractor immediately

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they immediately go to chiropractors instead of visiting a doctor. Why? Mostly because of the unprofessional “turning” of the spine that chiropractors perform which can cause serious consequences:

Trying to cure this problem without magnetic resonance will not really work. The only thing that can be successfully done in the chiropractic is the repair of the “facet syndrome”. This is the state of movement from one of the three joints on which each spleen stands. And this cannot be performed only with one visit, but at minimum of three visits.

Williams position

If you suffer from pain in the lumbar spine you should sleep and rest in the “Williams position”. This means that you should lie with bent legs, because if they are stretched, there is an additional pressure and stretch of the nasiadic nerve.