Monday 18 November 2019
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C section- risks along with benefits outlined

A C section could be a safe form of delivery if risks are posed to the mother or the baby. But there are risks along with benefits of the same. Before figuring out why it is called a Cesarean let us understand what it is all about. How Caeseran did sections get their name and it is from Julius Caesar. He was the first person to be born via this method.

The benefits

If a woman has had a C section before a planned C section would benefit them in the following ways

  • Pain before and after birth
  • Heavy degree of bleeding just after birth
  • Injury occurring to vagina
  • Restriction of bladder control
  • The bladder or the wall pushing against the wall of your vagina.

In no way it does not mean that things are not going to happen but risks are less if you had a vaginal birth. Bowel problems or pain during sex poses no higher than a normal birth.

why it is called a Cesarean

The risks

If you opt for a C section it poses some risk to your baby. It means in no way that this would occur to you but higher chances are reported if you are having a vaginal birth. Discuss with your doctor on how the risks can have an impact on both the mother along with the baby. Some of the possible risks include

  • Infection or any form of wound at the lining of the womb
  • Bleeding which would force the womb to be removed or even pave way for blood transfusion. Though this is uncommon and is more likely to occur if you had any issue with your placenta during pregnancy
  • Problems posed to become pregnant in the future
  • Heart attack

If a C section is undertaken late in the stage of labor, it could lead to chances of preterm pregnancy in the coming pregnancies. If you undertake it at a full dilation the risk increases from 2 % to around 15 %.

Some of the possible risks that arise from a C section are as follows

  • During surgery a cut to the skin can emerge as this appears to be minor and heals once surgery is over
  • If your baby is born before 39 weeks of pregnancy chances of breathing problems could emerge. In some cases problems fade away on its own, but you might have to head over to a neonatal unit. When you are at the hospital speaking to your doctor even you are worried about the breathing of your baby. In case if you happen to be at home and worried about the breathing of the baby opt for emergency services.

Limited degree of research exists on how C section can have an impact on the health of your baby. Though evidence points that chances of asthma or obesity may be on the rise. The risk is though not clear as no clear evidence can emerge because of C section. Logic behind this is that baby is exposed to the bacteria in the vagina.