Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Breast Lift Vs Breast Augmentation: Which one is the Right Choice for You?

Due to weight loss, pregnancy, or aging, changes in the breast firmness and shape often occur. During pregnancy, the breast glands enlarge and when weight gain occurs, fatty tissues increase. If you breastfeed, then your breasts constantly deflate and fill, all that work soon affects the tissues of the breast and skin causing stretch marks and sagging of the breasts.

If you wish to enhance the appearance of your bust line, rest assured that there are a number of options you can avail. Depending on the specific issue you have, you can choose a technique to resolve it and watch the overall outcome transform your breasts. Two most popular surgical procedures for breasts that women opt for when they visit Crispin Plastic Surgery for enhancement are a breast lift and breast augmentation in Atlanta. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these procedures to help you determine if one or both are suitable for your figure goals.Breast

What is a Breast Lift?

Mastopexy is a cosmetic surgery that helps to raise, firm, and reshape the breasts for a new contour. Often known as a “breast lift,” it is suitable for women who wish to lift sagging breasts to improve their appearance. A breast lift helps to enhance the appearance of the breasts by correcting the breast firmness, sagging, nipple placement, areola width, breast symmetry and breast shape. It can be performed in combination with breast implants or alone to improve the size and fullness.

While other procedures may help to provide additional cleavage due to the repositioning of the breasts, breast lift procedure does not actually make your breasts look bigger. Here are some of the major benefits of Mastopexy:

  • Fixes drooping breasts
  • Repositions the nipples for natural look
  • Gives your bust line a perkier and younger contour with breast firmness

Although a breast lift helps to correct the shape of sagging breasts, there are a few drawbacks to the entire procedure, including scarring more than breast augmentation. If you decide to choose this procedure, then do not be disappointed when you find that your breasts do not increase in size. This procedure only helps to lift your breasts, so you may not find the exact dramatic results you wanted after the final surgery.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that helps to increase the size of your cups through the placements if implants into the breasts to achieve a larger size. This is ideal for women who have smaller breasts and wish to increase the size to add a better touch to their figure. The implants come in silicone or saline, the latter being a less expensive choice. However, you should know that saline implants may leak, leading most women to pay more the silicone implants, which offers peace of mind. If you choose breast augmentation, then here are the benefits:

  • With diversity in implants, this allows any woman to achieve the look she desires
  • Usually, scarring occurs in inconspicuous areas
  • After the procedure, the breasts measure much larger than before.

If you choose breast augmentation with the hope that your drooping breasts can get a better contour by repositioning the nipples, then this is not what you should expect. If you wish to have your nipples lifted, then you need to consult your plastic surgeons in Atlanta to perform both a lift and augmentation. This is possible in a single procedure, or the lift can take place after the breast augmentation surgery completes.

Which One is the Most Suitable Choice for You?

The choice on whether to have a breast lift or breast augmentation is a personal one. In general, most women who have sagging breasts due to post pregnancy consider a breast lift. What women must understand here is that they will exchange the sagging effect of their breasts with some amount of scarring. If your breasts are drooping to a level you feel uncomfortable, then making the decision for a breast lift may be easier for you. However, if you have moderate to mild sagging, then this may not be an easy decision for you.

If you do not experience sagging, but wish to increase the size of your breasts, a breast augmentation is the better choice for you. The implants help to increase the size of your breasts and provide more cleavage. The choice between silicone and saline is not an easy one; you must consult your surgeon to determine the best choice depending on your body shape.

Sometimes, women choose both procedures at once for a dramatic result. The increase in breast sizes is supported easily by the lift procedure and the repositioning of the nipples provides a natural look. Whether you are considering a breast lift or augmentation, make sure that you take your time to assess your options.

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