Monday 22 July 2019
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Breaking the Myth that Shaving Hair Makes it Grow Back Thicker and Darker

Since time immemorial we have believed in several myths like wearing hat causes baldness, men mull over on sexual activities every seven seconds, humans possess five sensory organs etc. Similarly, there is another myth that we believe is true and that is shaving hair can make it grow back thicker and darker. Ask a doctor and he will say believing in such myths is a silly act and shaving your hair or beard can never bring back thicker and darker growth.

According to a recent survey conducted, many men and women (almost 90 percent) remove their hair from arms, face, legs, shoulders, underarms and other body parts not only to get rid of excess hair from their body but with the expectation of getting thicker and darker hair into their body or hair to grow vigorously.

This is simply a misconception which has been bolstered by relevant facts. Shaving locks off with sharp blades or razors keeps the stubble unharmed and the structure and color of the stubble is definitely thicker and darker than the hair that grows in other areas of the human body. Hence, it does show that the mane is developing back quickly for the initial number of days subsequent to shaving. Nevertheless, because the hair goes on to develop once again you begin noticing the tips further and further. Finally, while the hair starts to grow at its earlier size you’ll observe that the width and tint hasn’t altered at all. Or else, shaving lean blonde coloured mane would miraculously turn thick and dark after shaving, which clearly doesn’t occur.

The hair roots do not get altered in the entire procedure, so the shaving does not cause hair to grow thicker and darker.

The illusion takes place at a lightning speed. The hair shaft as expected shrinks at the end, so what you characteristically notice are the leanest parts of your hair. During shaving, though, you are traversing the mid shaft and revealing the solid portions of the hair, making it appear as if every separate fiber or piece of hair is capturing more room. Furthermore, the stubble becomes rigid for the reason that it’s petite and sliced directly across. Even the noticeable darkening of the slashed mane is a false impression — it appears darker because you are now observing the hair dots openly alongside the background of your standard skin shade.

Over the years, we have depended on waxing and shaving to eradicate excessive hair from different parts of the body. Shaving and waxing of hair can have several adverse effects such as damage of hair follicles and chronic and persistent hair loss. This is due to the fact hairs are dragged forcefully from their roots during the process of waxing.

If you in case notice or observe an abrupt increase of facial or body mane, consult your physician. This might be the side effect of excessive shaving or waxing or intake of powerful drugs. Your doctor might also provide advice about various hair-removal techniques. You can also visit Dr Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic for advice. The clinic has all the modern facilities along with skilful surgeons to help you on all hair related problems. They also offer high-quality hair transplantation surgery at reasonable costs.

To conclude, hair growing darker and thicker after shaving and waxing is nothing but a myth. So do not take it seriously.