Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Benefits of alkaline ionized water

Alkaline water has been proven to give benefit for our health and it also contains antioxidant and antiaging elements to slow down and be barrier for the skin aging process. Not only that, the free radicals and hydroxyl radicals will detoxify toxic substances inside our body. Alkaline water is water with pH level is above 7. Sage pH for human is around 7.2 to 8.5. The simplest way to make alkaline ionized water to add baking soda in the cup of water. pH of the water will increase rapidly to around 9 or even 10, depends on the initial pH of water before the addition. Baking soda will only increase the pH or at least make the water becomes alkaline and it will never improve the taste. So, it is the cheapest way to make alkaline water, however it is not ionized water. Ionized water will make our body healthier is because of alkaline. But, the difference is, this water contains minerals that our body needs. Ionized water is generally produces by employing water ionization process involving two difference electrodes. These electrodes process separates water into acidic and alkaline. One electrode which contains the positive charges that will attract negative ions within the water and produces alkaline ionized water that contains minerals that are beneficial to the body. On the other hand, the negative electrodes will attract positive ions on the water. These ions are unwanted and they may also give brown color to the water.



It is very important to know how to make alkaline water for the health. But one should be very careful. High quality ionized alkaline water will only be produces by good water ionizers. They may produce trouble and it may the result sometimes to be bad. So, one of the best way to make alkaline water is to get water ionizer. However, water ionizers are quite expensive device, but as long as they consider it as an investment for one’s health or home use, they will take the benefit as many as possible. Alkaline ionized water three main benefits for the body. The first main benefits are that it can restore one’s body pH balance and when people who feel tired or lethargic, or who suffer from colds and infections on a frequent basis may suffer from high acidity. The higher the acidity in a human body the higher the strain put on the immune system which makes it more likely cold that can be caught and other common ailments cause suffering. The second main benefit is that alkaline ionized water is potent antioxidant. Free radicals can be a cause of damage to cells in the body. Antioxidant helps one to maintain the immune system operating at optimal levels. The third main benefit is that alkaline ionized water which absorbs water quickly into the body, so hydrates the body quicker. The more hydrate a body is the better is at flushing out all the toxins and the waste that helps to build up in the kidneys and liver.

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