Monday 18 November 2019
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Affordable nose filters to prevent lung infections

Air pollution has become the most common things in every region around the world. The number of toxic substances we emit out to air. But we forget that it is the same oxygen we are breathing. These substances cause harm to lungs and respiratory organs that leads to a whole bunch of diseases. Many respiratory diseases like asthma, tuberculosis, and allergies occur even to the children below 10 years of age. The amount of dust we respire is increasing every day. In order to combat this, MyHealthyAir offers nose filter stickers that block the dust and other harmful allergens from entering the body.

use nasal filters

Reasons you need to use nasal filters

The MyHealthAir nasal filters help in many ways and following are the important reasons you should own them.

  • Prevention from allergens: The air we breathe is contaminated with the infinite number of microscopic allergens and pollens that are the main cause of many dangerous diseases like asthma, bronchitis, and other viral infections. Usage of these nose screens helps as a protective barrier by not allowing them to penetrate through the screen.
  • Filtration: The infectious pollen and allergens are filtered effectively by the nose filters. These are a small pad-like structure that can be fixed at the nostrils which will prevent the entry of harmful allergens.
  • Durability: The MyHealthyAir nasal filters can be used for one complete day without any issues. The durability is more compared to other nasal screens. It is very discrete and cannot be seen that easier. Hence you do not have to worry about the change of look with this filter.
  • Easy usage: The usage of the nasal screens is pretty simple as you need to strip the filters off and place it near your nostrils. It can also be detached and placed on the gum sheet in order to use in the future. Hence it is very easy to apply whenever necessary at areas of higher pollution. It can be used both indoor and outdoor if the place of living is heavily polluted.

With the increasing traffic, pollution, and contaminants released into the air, it is impossible to control the issues. However, you can protect yourselves from the harmful diseases by using MyHealthAir nose filters. They are extremely cheap and easy to use so that you do not have to spend numerous many on treatments thereafter.