Saturday 20 July 2019
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9 Breast Reduction Complications You Should Know About

When you plan to undergo a surgery, you should presume the risk of complications. Breast reduction surgery too is no exception. In such a case, it’s best to know about these complications so as to be prepared.

1. General Plastic Surgery Risks and Complications

Plastic surgery carries many risks including an allergic reaction to the anaesthesia. General anaesthesia is believed to be riskier; but any anaesthetic could give rise to a negative reaction.

Another common issue is negative reactions to medications. So, you should be careful of sudden rashes, increased or reduced heart rate, difficulty in breathing, wheezing, hives, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, anxiety etc.

2. Numbness

Numbness or loss of sensitivity is one of the common risks in breast reduction surgery, though it’s short-lived. It arises because nerve endings are detached during this surgery.

However, they are soon regenerated and sensation returns. You just have to be patient because it can take many months. However, there are also chances of permanent loss of sensation in the areola (nipple) or breasts.

3. Irregular Scarring

While you should assume that you’ll get scars after a surgery, breast reduction carries the risk of keloids or hypertrophic scar tissue. If you are a smoker or have a past history of abnormal collagen formation or scarring, you may get irregular scarring.

A Bella Vista cosmetic surgeon such as Dr Naveen Somia may prescribe medications and later switch over to scar gels and silicone gel sheeting following suture removal.

4. Wound Separation

Another cosmetic surgery complication is separation of wound edges. If it happens, keep the area very clean and get in touch with your surgeon immediately. There may not be a need of a revision surgery but sometimes it may be.

Wet bandages can help keep wound edges moist and promote collagenation and wound binding. If this cannot happen, an additional surgery to either score the edges and resuture the incision or excise the wound edges can be done.

Irrespective of the method required to close the wounds, wound separation will take longer to heal than normal wound healing.

5. Breast Asymmetry

Although your surgeon will try his best to make your breasts even in height and volume as he can, our body is not made of modeling clay and heals differently in different patients.

But this is not an excuse for the surgeon for poor job. Therefore before choosing your cosmetic surgeon, don’t fail to look as many before-and-after photos of his work as possible during your first consultation.

6. Permanent Bruising or Hyperpigmentation

Permanent dark spots (hyperpigmentation) from the bruising are also a risk of breast reduction. Hyperpigmentation may subside within a few weeks but may last even longer.

But no need to be disappointed. This rare complication has treatments. For example, warm compresses after healing can help in dilation of blood vessels and resorption of blood.

7. Blood Loss

Blood loss during and after breast reduction surgery is rare and will need immediate medical intervention. Blood transfusion may be required in very rare cases.

8. Seroma and Hematoma

If you observe any sudden change in colour or contour, it should be immediately reported. A hematoma is a pocket or collection of clotted blood in a body cavity and lead to scar tissue, pain, infection and more.

A seroma is a pocket or collection of the watery part of the blood in body cavity or space. It can also lead to pain and scar tissue.

9. Fat and Tissue Necrosis

Another breast reduction surgery risk arises when the fat and the tissue around it become necrotic (die). When fat dies because of lack of blood supply, it tends to become orangish and drain from the incision. However, it can spread and worsen.

If tissue dies, immediate treatment is required. Necrosis should be removed before it spreads, causes a gangrene or causes a major infection.

Discuss these various risks with your doctor and learn how to deal with the situations, so as to enjoy your surgery results. Visit for more information.