Tuesday 26 March 2019
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7 Things You Must Know Before for a Breast Augmentation

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons after conducting deep research on breast augmentation published certain things which women are supposed to know before heading for a breast surgery.

It is your first surgery, but it cannot be your last

On an average 25% of woman need another surgery after 10 years or so because these implants cannot last forever. They have a time limit and after which they start leaking and a scar shell develops around it. This deteriorates its shape and need for another implant arises. Pregnancy and weight loss are other factors responsible for losing the shape.

It will cost You Dearly

The average expenditure which was recorded by American Society of plastic surgeons includes surgeon’s fees, but it does not include other expenditures like hospital facilities and materials used. The cost of the surgery depends on several things like the region, experience of the surgeon and the requirement of the patient. It will cost you around $4000, whereas celebrity breast implants are generally costly.

You Have to Take Off for a Week

Patientshave to take around seven days off from their work after breast augmentation. You may take a little longer to get back to your office, but as far as shape is concerned you will be in good shape. Recovery depends on many things like if you have chosen the implant to be placed behind the muscle, then certainly it will take some time, but it will also give you a more realistic look. You will have less chances of a scar shell forming, but it is a worth it.

Breasts with Implants will Feel Different

Although, silicone breasts are very much like real breasts, but they cannot take the place of natural ones. Implants, which are planted below the muscle cannot be noticed easily.

It is imperative to try different sizes before you finally decide on one. You can stuff your bra for an idea of the size you wish to have.

You Cannot Go for Small to Huge at Once

If you have a small cup size, do not opt for a DD cup in the first procedure. It is better to set realistic goals because your body and skin will need some time to adjust to the changes. Your surgeon will more likely to suggest you to achieve the bigger size over the period of time.

You May not Breastfeed

Repeated surgical procedures may affect the ability of breastfeeding. Actually, women who undergo augmentation several times do not choose for breastfeeding that is why there is no enough data to prove it. However, in case of areola incision, it could cut the gland; this hinders the ability of breastfeeding.

Many times, loss of sensation in the nipples is noticed and it also depends on several factors. It depends on the type of surgery and the breast shape.

All Plastic Surgeons are Not Certified

It is imperative on your part to do a thorough research and ensure that the chosen surgeon is fulfilling the criteria. The surgeon must have a certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Stay away from those boards which are not legitimate even if they involve in celebrity breast implants. Make sure your surgeon has a good amount of experience in the type of surgery you require. Check before and after photos and have a word with other patients also.

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