Monday 22 July 2019
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Tips To Help Manage Your Pain

If you’re in pain, you might be looking for a few tips on how to manage the pain until you can secure a doctor’s appointment.

Before you start trying to manage the pain you’re in, you need to work out what sort of pain you’re suffering from. You will be suffering from either:

Acute pain which is a form of pain that comes on suddenly. It can either be brief or last several weeks or months. Acute pain will go away as soon as the cause of the pain has been successfully treated.

Chronic pain is a form of pain which is ongoing. It is usually a result or an injury or infection but it can also be unrelated to an injury. Chronic pain usually persists for months or even years and tends to affect the physical and emotional well-being of the sufferer.

Recent research has proven that dehydration can actually aggravate the symptoms of chronic conditions such as back pain and headaches. When you are dehydrated, loading your body with coffee and soda is not advised as they are both extremely poor sources of hydration. Instead, you should drink plenty of water in order to relieve your pain.

Studies have also shown that a diet which is easy to digest and free from all processed foods can help to alleviate inflammation which can lead to pain. Some foods which have been shown to alleviate inflammation are leafy greens, foods which are high in omega-3, asparagus, cherries, cranberries and other low-sugar fruits and soy products.

Staying away from foods which can cause or increase levels of inflammation can help to relieve some of the pain which you might be in. Stay away from these foods tomatoes and eggplant (and other nightshade vegetables) dairy products, chocolate, citrus fruits, chocolate, wheat products, high-fat red meat, red wine, tea, coffee, soda and eggs.

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Consuming turmeric has been proven to bring down inflammations which can help treat a variety of different health conditions such as chronic pain. The curcumin in turmeric has been proven to be a natural method to reduce inflammation in the body without causing any harm to the liver and kidneys. Turmeric has also been found to increase flexibility in the ligaments and improve the immune system.  A good way to consume some extra turmeric is to add it to your meals or to simply sprinkle it into your tea.

As we all know, yoga helps to improve strength and flexibility as well as helping to calm down the mind and to decrease stress. The practice of yoga is centuries old and is a tried and tested method to reduce stress which can help people who are currently suffering from chronic pain. The physical postures involved in practicing yoga, breathing patterns and meditation are all useful tools which you should have in your pain-reduction kit. The reduction of stress can help to reduce muscle spasms and help you to concentrate on things besides the pain which you are currently in.