Friday 17 January 2020
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Replacing Tobacco Products with a Flavourful Experience

You might have heard the term ‘vaping,’ especially in circles of young people who are aware of new trends. Vaping is the slang term for the use of electronic cigarette products, where a flavoured liquid, sometimes containing an amount of nicotine, is heated by electronic means and then vaporised. The electronic cigarette comes in a range of styles and sizes, but is typically a metallic rod containing the flavoured liquid and the means to vaporise it.

The Benefits of Vaping

It’s no secret that smoking tobacco in the form of cigarettes or pipes is drastically unhealthy. Nationwide, illnesses that are related to the smoking of tobacco products kill more people than any other diseases. Long-term tobacco use can lead to a wide variety of illnesses and other chronic health complications, including lung cancer and other forms of cancer, COPD and emphysema, smoker’s cough, chronic bronchitis, and heart disease. For these reasons, the tobacco industry has been under legal fire for decades, and it has sought ever more devious methods of advertising and promoting its core products to young people in order to develop a new generation of smokers.


You might be wondering why a replacement for tobacco smoking would actually be beneficial at all. Vaping is not beneficial due to any inherent health effects, but simply due to the fact that it seems to be far less deleterious to human health than smoking. Tobacco products contain hundreds of carcinogenic compounds, whereas e-liquid products contain none of those chemicals. Though the science is still largely out on the long-term effects of electronic cigarettes on human health, the major benefits include the following:

  • Smell: There is little doubt that tobacco smoke stinks! It soaks into fabrics and clothing and produces a stale smell that is difficult to remove using regular off the shelf cleaning products. By contrast, e-liquids come in a wide variety of flavours, many of which are very pleasant, and do not linger in the air or in fabrics.
  • Health: As has been said, tobacco contains hundreds of harmful chemicals. E-liquids, by contrast, do not contain this chemical cocktail.
  • Replacement: As a replacement for traditional tobacco products, electronic cigarettes ae valuable. For the long term smoker who is looking to give up the habit, moving to electronic cigarettes can be one way of weaning off cigarettes and other tobacco products. It is also possible to add a varying amount of nicotine to e-liquids in order to help in the process of replacing tobacco smoking altogether.

Finding a Reputable Retailer

The rapid growth in vaping has created an entirely new industry. There are now numerous online businesses offering a wide range of e-liquids and electronic cigarette starter kits for affordable prices.

Look for a retailer that offers a premium range of flavours and is willing to answer any of your questions. Such businesses will also often include information on their websites about the legality of electronic cigarette use.