Sunday 15 December 2019
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Get youthful appearance through APTOS lift

As the aging process sets in; the connective tissues slender, collagen and the elastic fibres break down. These changes appear as skin sagging, creases, fold or wrinkles. You may get these signs in your thirties.


APTOS lift

This is an aesthetic procedure based on safety, conservativeness and effectiveness to collect this situation and make you look younger and natural looking.

Understanding APTOS lift

  • Face rejuvenation procedure is based on improving the overall facial appearance and not reducing aging. Aging will still occur even if the procedure has been performed. However the procedure is put in place to prevent excessive effects of aging process.
  • As for the normal surgery the Aptos lift may have its own effects on the skin or inconveniences. However while best performed by a professional it may have excellent result.
  • It is important to consult from your specialist the best procedure for you. You have to be tested and basing the arguments on the test results the doctor should advice you on whether to undertake the procedure or not.
  • The Aptos lift results are highly dependent on individual healing capacity, skin type, ethnic background, skin elasticity level and the bone make up and structure.
  • It may be necessary for the doctor to perform some changes around your neck or chin. Sometimes even the fatty deposits may be removed.
  • One procedure takes five days to heal for a person with normal healing process. This procedure will remain relevant to your face for three years before the necessity of another procedure arises.
  • Several procedures may require to be done on your face together with APTOS lift for excellent results.
  • Takes between one and two hours for the procedure to complete.

Where to perform APTOS lift

The procedures require an experienced expert for excellent results. In case of complications the procedure may require to be repeated. The procedures success also depends on the prerequisite tests that show the part of your face to be attended to.

Type of medication used

The common anaesthesia is administered during the procedure where some special threads are inserted in the identified areas later supported with another thread connected to the hair. The thread hooks under side of the sagged skin and pull it together to bring it back to its position. Anaesthesia is a type of gentle shot acting medication that ensures patients comfort during the procedure.

Associated set backs

  • Some minor bruising
  • Swelling
  • Like normal operation there may be blood spill


The desired results may take up to three months before the skin may gain its firmness. The success depends on how far your skin had sagged. The procedure is recommended when the skin is starting to sag or in the initial stages of aging.

For APTOS lift and other types of surgical procedure; there is high necessity for the health insurance card. These procedures are some of which require specialist attention. For you to visit a specialist in public health facility you will requireNicard.

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