Monday 30 March 2020
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Best recommended way of body building for a health life

The best way to be energetic and look young is to be fit in our physic and maintaining the same for long years, but to be honest it is very difficult. Because doing work out or going to gym on this machine and very fast moving life is hard, that is the reason most people is going towards lot of supplements and steroids to be fit without lot of workouts and much strain on a regular basis.

As lot of reports says, using steroids and supplements are very dangerous to health and causes lot of side effects indeed. Most of the gym and trainers are now started suggesting the same even knowing the harm in that for fast and quick results, but will no longer be more static, because the defects also follows very soon and affect major parts in the human body.

Best way to be fit is doing the physical workout on regular basis and also taking natural healthy foods like fruits, spinach, grains and more. I came across one similar type called as old school new body, which is said to be more of providing the work out basics via online like the old body building method of taking natural proteins from foods and fruits; they also don’t suggest any supplements or steroids to any of the registered member.


The old school new body is named for its way of providing the workout training to the people in the old body building form, very simple and easy to be done. All aged people are able to do this work out as this is not much complicated, the result also static but takes some time, good things can’t happen overnight, it takes some time.  Same way they used to suggest the foods according to the people preference, because some people want to reduce weight and some will be looking to gain the weight or be fit with shaping their physic. All categories are trained here with a trainer in specific who will guide the people for the work outs, but there are limited numbers of trainers.

The best outcome of this method of old school new body building is that the person can get good shape and a static fitness growth in their physic, there is no side effects or harm as the works outs are very simple to do and the foods also kind of regular intake by the people what they used to take in the early days, but there are few restrictions in the process of dieting, where they need to kind of reduce certain type of foods like, ice cream, chat items, fast foods and more which is bit difficult to avoid these type of food items, but even though they can reduce consuming this kind of food items. This static result will remain the same for lifetime because this is kind of static stabilization of human parts and shaping. This is the most recommended type of physical fitness for healthy life.