Thursday 18 April 2019
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7 Myths About Coolsculpting That Will Keep You Amazed

Both time and money matters a lot for anyone of you. You spend bucks at gym to get your obese body into shape; not always you come with fruitful results of a great physic. While you overlook your favorite delicacies to cut down the body fat; you find it surely frustrating when your body accumulates at least 1 % of the fat to eliminate which you are working on. Now are you thinking to undertake some other steps like Liposuction to get rid of the unwanted body fat? As you think of undergoing this invasive measure; you be surprised to know that apart from all these measures there is a new technique in the row which claims itself of being non-invasive. Named as Coolsculpting or fat freezing; this technique helps you to bid good bye to your body fat without undergoing a surgery.

Myths about coolsculpting

You might have come across banners and placards advertising for weight loss within 1 week but with failed promises. On the contrary; Coolsculpting promises you with a permanent result without any surgery. What is it that has made coolsculpting popular and a promising body shaping therapy? Here are 7 coolsculptingmyths revealing the secret:

Myth 1: It helps you in losing weight dramatically without surgery

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive technique which helps you to get rid of your body weight without having to undergo any surgical need. This method makes use of a highly controlled cooling technique for eliminating the adamant body fat which others methods fail to do. It has been reported that you can lose about 30% of your body fat in one coolsculpting session.

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Myth 2:  A great alternative for weight loss

Fat reduction and weight loss are two distinct things though people at most times think the two to be same. Only when your fat cells turn out to grow smaller due to a balance between the intake of calorie and it’s burning; weight loss actually takes place. This results into shrinkage of your body fat cell though there is no decrease in its number. On this not it is important to know that not always does weight loss happens due to smaller growth of fat cells but also due to fluid and muscle loss. In such a case your body might lose the good fat cells while coolsculpting only freeze the unwanted fats retaining the good fat cells.

Myth 3: Tightens the skin if you have good skin elasticity

Coolsculpting exerts acts on the area which has accumulated maximum fat and affects the skin underneath and not on the top layer. Though it does not improve your skin sagging in case your skin has lost its elasticity; upon possessing elasticity; it helps in tightening the skin.

Myth 4: Best for the fat accumulated in the tummy region

Most of the body fat usually accumulates in the tummy area which is the target area of coolsculpting. It acts best on this region helping you to get a great physic naturally.

Myth 5: Offers you with instant result

Though “instant” does not refer to within the first or second week of the treatment; but coolsculpting helps you bid bye to extra body fat within the next 2 to six months of undergoing the treatment.

Myth 6: Helps people of all ages with fat freezing

Coolsculpting like other cosmetic measures helps out people of all ages to get rid of body fat. The only requirement you need to possess is a healthy skin condition and least level of skin laxity.

Myth 7: You get rid of weight permanently

The 7th and probably the best myth about coolsculpting is that once you undergo the treatment; your chances of accumulating extra weight are eliminated permanently. However the longevity of this result depends on the care you take of body post the treatment.

Final say

So if you are impressed by these 7 coolsculpting myths and looking out for coolsculpting therapy; make sure you take help from professionals only.


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