Friday 21 February 2020
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Why Non Nicotine Vape Juices Are Popular

Vaping has gained popularity after it came out in the global market in 2004. Unlike a cigarette that produces smoke, an e-cigarette makes vapors. The campaign regarding the adverse effects of cigarette smoking to one’s health was responsible for the big number of smokers that want to quit and of those who prefer not to smoke. Most of these health-conscious people turn to using non nicotine vape juices instead of puffing on a lighted cigarette.

Here are several reasons for the rising popularity of nicotine-free vape juices:

  1. Mouth and teeth-friendly

Vaping using zero-nicotine liquids leaves the teeth and mouth healthy. The vapor does not leave any harmful substance on the mouth; unlike cigarette smoke that leaves a residue called tar that can discolor the teeth. Smoke from tobacco leaves chemical particles in the mouth that can cause bad breath. Cigarette smoke dries up the mouth and makes the area a breeding place for bacteria that can harm the mouth. People who want to safeguard their oral health tend to quit smoking and shift to vaping.

  1. Natural and safe

Vape juices usually come from fruits and vegetables, and they are safe. There are online stores that sell natural vape liquids. Reading the label will help in making sure that the items are organic. Because these products come from natural ingredients, their price is budget-friendly.

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  1. Reduce health risks

Cigarettes contain nicotine that can increase the risk of having cancer. Vaping using nicotine-free liquids will minimize the possibility of suffering from the cancer of the lung, oral cavity, esophagus, colon, liver, and pancreas, to name a few. In addition, medical experts consider smoking as a cause of brain damage and stroke, cataract, and blurred vision. Turning to vape will decrease the possibility of suffering from these ailments.

  1. Enhance social status

Vaping has become a trend instead of dying out as most people predicted. In fact, it has become a cool thing to do. With celebrities replacing their cigarettes with vapes, more and more people will do the same. Vapers will find new friends in vaping lounges where people with the same interest hang out. Smoke does not fog these places. The air is clean and fresh for everyone.

  1. Offers more freedom

Smoking is banned in many public places. During social events, people who want to have a cigarette have to go to a smoking area or outside of the venue. Vapers who use non nicotine vape juices do not suffer from the same treatment. In most places, vaping is allowed because of the absence of secondary smoke. One can vape while talking with friends, watching a movie, and doing other activities.

Because zero- nicotine vape juices have less health risks to the vaper and to others, they continue to attract more and more users.