Friday 19 April 2019
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Why is it hard to quit smoking

Smoking is a very harmful habit that can cause a lot of health problems to the human body and the mind. And yet one can see thousands of people who smoke cigarettes every few hours. Electronic cigarettes are becoming popular because they can help one quit smoking without tar and smoke. These cigarettes also work out to be cheaper in the long run.

Here are a few reasons talking about the difficulty in quitting smoking – based on years of scientific research.

  1. Nicotine addiction

Cigarettes contain tobacco that causes smoke. A lot of people enjoy this smoke. But the chemical in this smoke is nicotine which is a stimulant in some ways. Nicotine acts in a similar manner as caffeine and can make the person addicted to the smoking.Tobacco can cause a lot of health problems but nicotine is not as harmful. Yet because nicotine is addictive people are unable to get rid of the habit of inhaling nicotine into their system. It is because of nicotine that smokers become dependent on smoking for going about the day to activities in their lives.

  1. Psychological effects

These psychological effects are again a result of the nicotine present in the cigarette smoke. People who are smokers are so dependent on the nicotine inhalation that without it they cannot think clearly. Their ability to concentrate and focus on their personal and professional life suffers. Also a lot of smokers start seeing smoking as a way to bond with their peers. And this causes further complications as then smoking becomes a psychological need. The smokers start associating smoking with social security and the safety and pleasure of good company. More than the body the mind starts needing a smoke and then it becomes even more difficult to quit this habit.


  1. Non availability of good quitting aids

It is very recently that a number of aids and tools to quit smoking have been launched in the market. And even then most of such products are not cheap to buy. One such product that has gained popularity with the customers is Vaper empire e –cig.

  1. Withdrawal symptoms

A lot of smokers experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit because the nicotine addiction makes them crave for a smoke. It can cause depression and sudden panic attacks and forces a person to start smoking again. This is where people need counsellors and psychologists to talk the smokers out of their habit.

  1. Presence of triggers and peer pressure

Smoking is often associated with certain situations or certain people. People who are trying to quit often go back to smoking because of peer pressure or when they encounter similar situations that are associated with smoking. These situations or people are called triggers.

  1. Drinking

Regular drinkers also like to smoke. So a person who is trying to quit is drawn to smoking while drinking. Even a single cigarette can break weeks of hard work and effort to the ground and cause smoking addiction again.