Sunday 15 December 2019
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What Are The Benefits Of Organic E Juice?

We have to look around us to see that most current vapers are ex-smokers who started using for health reasons. The first and foremost marketing and promotional sentence are that vaporizers are healthier than smoking cigarettes.

Even though this particular sentiment is the most common one on social media, vape forums and places where you can buy them, the scientifically researched and found out that vaping can also be dangerous.

The best thing that you can do is to avoid chemically induced juices for vaporizers and find an organic alternative which is way more active and healthier. Check out for more information on your possibilities.

We will show you the benefits of organic E juice:

No Additives And Other Harmful Chemicals

The vaping industry features various possibilities when it comes to liquids. The worst thing inside is diacetyl scars which are a harmful additive used in butter flavoring in microwave popcorn production.

According to NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), people who worked in plants for making microwave popcorn developed an illness called popcorn lung, which is severe lung issue. You should learn more on occupational safety and health by clicking here.

The application of heat in the process let those chemicals in the air, which is why workers had the problems. The same ingredient is in the vapor juice, and according to most users, it is problematic for long-term use.

We all know that some studies exaggerate the threats of chemical additives, you should have in mind that these chemicals are ten times greater in vaporizers than in microwave popcorns. At the same time, these additives are entirely unnecessary, especially for people who want to use vapor as a transition before quitting everything all together.

On the other hand, organic vape juices don’t have harmful additives that could cause severe lung issues, which is the main reason why you should choose them for your next vaping episodes.

It Doesn’t Feature Propylene Glycol or PG

PG, or propylene glycol, is a synthetic substance that comes from petroleum, and for most e-liquids, it works as a base and carrier for nicotine and flavorings. However, experts didn’t know that some people are sensitive to it and that it can outright allergic reactions after prolonged use. Some people, with high levels of sensitivity, could experience adverse reactions the first time it happens.

If you neglect the use of this particular substance, it could lead to dangerous problems where users can develop symptoms that could cause severe issues.

There are numerous scenarios where people thought that using too much nicotine is the reason for the allergic reaction, while they don’t understand that PG is the cause. Finally, they throw the vaporizer away and return to smoking cigarettes.

The most common symptoms are a sore throat, sinus irritation, constriction of airways in the lungs which ultimately results in shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. Apart from that, you can notice diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, insomnia and even sore muscles.

Even though you can find 100% VG liquids, they still contain small levels of PG through nicotine and flavoring. Therefore, you should consider finding organic juices that don’t have PG liquids.


It is essential to check regulations and certifications that a brand has before you purchase an e-juice. Therefore, each juice must have accreditation by an organic certifying agency such as USDA, that will guarantee you the full compliance with federal regulations when it comes to production, ingredients and manufacturing facility.

Organic vapors must contain two necessary certifications: USDA and NSF 305. These certifications will provide you with complete and comprehensive traceability and transparency of the manufacturing process. In here: you can find out more on USDA and their regulations.

The best thing about USDA certification is that companies that get it must prove that they use organic ingredients that are safe for consumers. At the same time, the way they handle those ingredients is also significant, especially for organic e-juices.

They should use natural ingredients that are susceptible to bacterial contamination. They have to use the climate-controlled clean room as a preventive measure that will ensure that fungus, mold, and bacteria don’t exist in any conditions available.