Monday 30 March 2020
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Understanding Substance Abuse: The Modern Day Devil

One cannot deny that in today’s increasingly depressing world, more than half of the citizens are addicted to one kind of drug or the other. People are facing problems and devastating life situations that is forcing them to opt for substance abuse. More than any sect of this society, the youths are the ones that are getting addicted to drugs the most. There have been a lot of different tries by a lot of different governments to curb this phenomenon, but alas, there is no improvements observed in this field. The shocking part of all this is that the awareness about this among people is astonishingly low. People don’t seem to understand how it works and as a result fail to take any actions towards preventing it.

What Is Substance Abuse?

Addiction is an age-old phenomenon. It has been around for more than 2000 years. Prehistoric humans used addiction as an ingenious way of curbing pain and physical ailments, and surprisingly it is still being used in the modern field of medicine for this exact reason. But drug and substance addiction lie beyond this, it is a complex process about which you will learn more here today. When someone used prescribed or non-prescribed drugs for non-medicinal purposes, it is termed as drug abuse. Anyone using drugs for recreational purposes without any self-control, which is the most common form of substance abuse, is said to be addicted to that drug.

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Reasons For Substance Abuse

People all around the world often fail to understand the actual, biological reason behind ‘addiction’ and always blame low self-control and poor moral values for this. But the real reason is very different from this. All need to understand that in most of the cases, addiction does not happen by choice. It is the result of various metabolic functions that forces a person to become hooked on a certain substance. Resistance towards substance abuse is different for different people because metabolism is different for every particular individual. After the initial intake of any kind of drug, which may or may not be voluntary, one’s bodily functions change and it demands repeated intake of that particular substance. This is an addiction in a nutshell.

Stopping Addiction

It is true that stopping addiction and becoming free from drug abuse is a very difficult task. But today, lots and lots of useful resources are coming up every day that can help an addict take the first step towards a drug-free life. Different medicines, rehabilitation centres, chemicals like Vivitrol, are some of the methods that can be used to treat a case of substance abuse. In the fight against addiction, one must understand that it is a disease and like every other disease and disorder, patience is highly required for a healthy recovery.