Friday 21 February 2020
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Top exercises to take care of your heart

Did you know that there are some exercises to take care of your heart? Quiet, if you don’t believe it, we ‘ll introduce you to it below. In this article, we will get to know top exercises, which will take the best care of your heart. Click here to learn cpr online.


This is one of the exercises to take care of your heart that doctors most recommend. Thanks to the fact that it increases cardiac activity, oxygen uses it as a fuel, making it easier for your body to use it more quickly. Walking does not imply a great impact and can be done at any age. Visit this site to learn cpr online. 

Any physical activity that is done with energy can help you have better health.

According to a study by Stanford University when a person leads an active life, their heart beat range between sixty and eighty beats per minute, while performing an aerobic exercise rises to about 120 or 140, and if it is very intense 160


This physical activity makes a fusion of martial arts and boxing techniques, using fists and feet to hit. During this activity your body stays in constant motion and perform exercises to protect your heart. Keep in mind that classes are simulated.

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Aerobic Dance

This is one of the exercises to take care of your heart most preferred by women. This is done through the rhythm of any music. This activity requires coordination, balance, flexibility and rhythm. As it is of a high impact it is not recommended for people who have injuries.


This exercise is economical and simple to perform, at any time and place. While you run more aid to your health, which is enhanced by benefits such as burning calories, reducing anxiety and stress, among others. In addition, as a curious fact it is one of the most practiced physical activities in the United States.


The s Pinning is another exercise to protect your heart that was created at the beginning of the nineties by the cyclist Jonathan Goldberg. This is an exercise that is carried out in a group while directed by a coach. It is based on pedaling for about an hour, with different levels of intensity and with music.

The Tae Bo

As the last of the exercises to take care of your heart we present the Tae Bo, which is a plan of physical activities that mixes the force applied in boxing, the agility needed in martial arts and the flexibility to dance in one. It was created by Billy Blanks (many times world martial arts champion).

What do you think of these exercises? Do you want to perform them? Just keep in mind that before starting any of them you must first warm up and not overdo it.