Sunday 21 July 2019
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Do you think it is worthwhile to touch the belly of a woman during the course of pregnancy?

The body is anticipating a lot of changes during the stages of pregnancy. Some of them may be hormonal changes, but physical changes do occur. It has got to be in the correct mental space. The chances of you gain weight during pregnancy does increase or a feeling of nausea also tends to develop. These are some of the changes which are pretty much on the expected lines, but the worst part is that people touching your pregnant belly and trust me it may seem to be a public property for a lot of us. It is going to annoy you to a considerable extent.

Be it family members, your near or dear ones and sometimes strangers who have no qualms of touching your belly. Ideally you would not mind someone close to you may be your mother or a close friend( even if it is your husband depending on that particular point of time on how you are feeling) you can allow someone to touch your belly if they ask you in a polite manner. But total strangers may come to you and go on to touch your pregnant belly as if it works out to be a public property. You may feel that common courtesy and personal space is a considerable thing of the past. You have to adopt a strategy of don’t touch my belly on all counts. For a lot of people they feel that they the moment they touch a belly the baby is going to emerge out in a fit of smoke.

No one would walk up to a woman and dare touch her breast. But the same philosophy does not apply in case of a pregnant belly. The small ones can do it so too the elders and some women may like to touch your belly so that they can feel that the baby is moving. On all counts people are trying to experience the miracle which is inside you.

The only course of problem in this regard is that if a pregnant women complains about her belly button being touched is that she is hormonal or for the matter oversensitive. Do not fall into the negative trap of things as your body is your right. You have all the right in the world to say no to a person. Some woman may have the luck on saying that they can touch back. If someone puts the hands on their abdomen they can go on and touch the abdomen of the person and ask on how it feels to them. There are numerous T shirts available in this regards.

If you do not want you to be touched then there is nothing in this world which can force people to touch you. You do not have to be rude but tell people that it does interfere with your personal space on all counts. There is no need for any form of explaination.