Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Right from the source:

            Use of very less known oils such as castor oil in a home is quite rare in many areas of the world. The countries such as India and china have vast areas under castor seed production and from the seeds, the oil is extracted for it multifarious uses. The castor plant is easy to grow and requires very less or no maintenance at all. It is a native of and flourishes very well in the tropical climatic zones of Asian countries and others where such climatic conditions exist. A single plant is enough to populate a whole field and in a few years time, it can occupy the whole area easily and without much human effort. The seeds become very light weight when they dry up even in the fruit and as the fruit is cracked open naturally, the seeds are transported far and wide and in some cases the birds have a role in the transportation of these seeds from one place to another. The whole point is that it is easy to obtain the castor seeds and not much effort is required for doing that.


Make a serum:

            The hair and facial serums are being formulated with the use of naturally available materials such as oils and other plant derived ingredients such as aloe Vera and other plants that are combined in the right proportion that are able to give the effective results and the serum is supposed to be a little thicker than just the single ingredient such just the oil or just the gel or juice of the aloe Vera plant. These serums are suitable not just for the hair but also for the facial skin which is considered very thin and sensitive of all the areas that it covers in the human body. You can make many different products with one type of oil that is castor oil but you have to make sure that it does not contain any impurities and that it is 100% castor oil and the more refined it is the weaker it is due to stripping of all the important molecules. So, one must make sure that it does not contain any other additions that will only add up to the weight or volume but do not contribute anything to the effectiveness of the oil.

The combination:

            The castor oil is considered very effective in many health conditions such as the cleaning of the facial skin and other parts of the body. The oil is very effective in the stimulation of hair growth and the growth of the eyelashes for those who have the aspiration to grow hair and eyelashes. The application of the pure castor oil alone will be very effective whether it is used on hair or on the skin. One can of course add the pure form of other oils to make it a little easier to use as the castor oil all by itself is very thick and can be very difficult to spread all over the face. The right proportion of the other oils can be different for different hair types or skin types.

The effects:

            It improves the hair growth by adding the needed nutrition to the hair roots and protects the hair strands from sun damage. The skin and hair are the most troublesome parts of a body of the woman which make her feel very awkward when the right amount of hair or skin quality is missing, but with the use of 100% castor oil, these deficiencies can be corrected.

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