Monday 22 July 2019
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Sensory processing disorder – Guidance for Parents

Sensory processing disorder is a medical condition when the brain does not properly receive and respond to the information passed on by the senses. It is a condition when Multisensory integration is not does not function adequately, it fails to react to the environmental need. This problem has been found mostly in school kids. Children with such disorder faces problem with sounds, in seeing things properly, in getting the actual taste of something, realizing a texture and other sensory contribution.

Sensory processing disorder or SPD can impact a child very badly, it can cause severe damage to the social life. It takes a lot to fight such battle. Susan Rachele, is an example of how to fight and overcome such issues. Susan says, it is hard to function normally with the disorder, but one has to fight such battle and overcome the issue.

The parent has to understand the mental condition of a child suffering from SPD. It is not only a tough situation for the kids but also equally tough situation for the parents. It has been observed that kids suffering from SPD often faces problem while getting dressed. Kids with such disorder don’t realize the texture, it might feel different on their skin. Reacting to those moments with anger will result in damaging the self-esteem of the child. These types of kids are hypersensitive. Kids with Sensory processing disorder are tend to be oblivious to taste of food, for them the food is either too crunchy or too soft. Tolerating sound becomes difficult for them. They hear sound way too loudly than normal.

Sensory processing

Here the therapists advices the parents of such kids to be very strong and understanding. Dealing with such situation takes a lot of nerve. Scolding or reacting angrily will only result in more damage. Parents have to deal with the situation calmly. According to Susan Rachele, one has to let go of the shame of talking to the expert about the disorder. She says one generally does not discuss their concerns with medical experts openly, it is either out of shame of embarrassment. Susan has come a long way, she took it up as a challenge and fought against it. Today Susan is a working professional. She has left her past behind and is currently having a successful career. She is the General Manager of a renowned restaurant.

People like Susan will motivate someone to let go of the fear of social stigma. The medical professionals advise the parents to handle this sort of kids with utmost care. Being considerate about the fact that kids with SPD are a little different helps to resolve the disorder in due course of time. Negative reactions will only worsen things. With proper medical treatment, Sensory processing disorder can be minimized.

If Susan Rachele has inspired you then like her you should go to a doctor and discuss your child’s case openly. It is the work of an expert and it is better to leave the condition to people who know how to deal with the issue.

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