Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Safe Medicines to Induce Abortion

The pregnancy is an important phase for every woman. A feeling of joy and motherhood brings her to the new stage of life. However, for every woman, this may not be the case, and there are some cases where the pregnancy is not acceptable. In such case, it is necessary to take help of medicines to get the pregnancy removed. Officially it is not possible as there are some technical issues, but one can take help of a few medicines at this stage and just relax as the rest will be managed by these medicines.

Few medicines can be used for terminating a pregnancy. One should be careful while choosing the pills for abortion; it is essential to know the precautions that must be taken when you are aborting the child. To shed light to this safe procedure of abortion, safe medicines are discussed.  What medicines are safe for abortion? The best and safest way to induce abortion is to consume pills. There are two medicines in allopathy which will safely induce abortion. One is Mifepristone, and the other one is misoprostol. However, these are not the over the counter medicines and hence fogut do not recommend to get them easily without a prescription issued by a gynecologist.

What to do post-abortion?

When the abortion happens, bleeding starts immediately, and there should be someone who can help the woman carry herself to the home. It will be so much pain that the woman can’t do any other work, hence having a person nearby is very important. Gynecologists treat this situation more carefully because they would have come across this situation quite a lot of time. So, unless consultation of doctor is there, the medical shops won’t give this medicine.


In Ayurveda also, there are some medicines that can be used for abortion. Ayurveda is a very purest form of treating any disease without any side effect. Take a silk cloth, burn the borders in the silk cloth. It will get burnt and turn up into a consistency like ashes. Consume that with honey daily on an empty stomach.

Consume the medicines properly

Using Misoprostol will result in 90% abortion, but unlike some complicated cases where people don’t consume it the way they are supposed to then it is a problem. Though it is known that the termination of abortion is successful, still complete the whole cycle if prescribed. It is likely to abort the baby but still, if it’s not happening, then it is not safe to abort the baby, consult a doctor.

Mifepristone is the best medicine that can be used for abortion, but the only thing which must be done properly is that it must be done before 12 weeks of pregnancy post that will not be a good option to do. It may affect the womb or the woman carrying it. Miscarriage happens instantly in all the pregnancies if the tablet is consumed day and night after food.

Some more medicinal options:

Streptovit is a medicine that will stimulate the period’s cycle in 2 days of consumption. Duogen do is another tablet which will abort the baby in less than one week. Regestrone and progesterone are two tablets that will immediately activate your period cycle. These tablets should be consumed every day at night after food. It should be continued until the baby is aborted. They usually come in a pack of 21 tablets. If the tablets are taken after three weeks, then consume it in the morning as well as in the nights. This will be more effective to terminate the pregnancy.