Monday 19 August 2019
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Personal Experience With Growth And Healing

I begin my experience with a famous quote that states, “The more light you allow in you, the brighter the world you live in will become. Throughout my life, I have faced various challenges including loss of loved ones, relationship heartbreaks, overweight, medical complications and financial constraints. Dealing with each of these challenges successfully requires strong actions. I have realized that keeping a personal journal has helped me take the steps necessarily to deal with my challenges in life. Keeping a journal has numerous positive benefits when it comes to healing and personal growth. I found that, by regularly recording my thoughts, I was able to gain insight on my moods and behavior pattern. This helped me in stress reduction and problem-solving. I have grown and become a better person. You too can enjoy many benefits by keeping a journal. Here are some useful tips to help you begin writing your journal: Write about where you are in life currently.


  • Begin by writing about the situation you are in, at this very moment
  • Describe your work, living conditions and relationships
  • Ask yourself if you are exactly where you want to be Spend the first 15 minutes simply writing in an interrupted stream of consciousness
  • Pick up the pen and just start writing for about 15 minutes
  • Do not try to edit your feelings or thoughts
  • Do not correct any grammatical errors
  • Do not censor your thoughts Develop an appreciative attitude by listing positive things in your life
  • List the things you appreciate in life to cultivate a gratitude spirit
  • Keep them in a separate journal or different section so that you can go through them all at once
  • Do not forget to include favorite uplifting quotes that you have come across
  • Read through this journal when you feel down to uplift your spirits
  • Keep a list of your favorite songs and write down the moods they evoke Consider keeping a nature journal to help you appreciate your environment
  • The world you are living in is a mysterious and magical place
  • List down things you notice about your sky, weather and even seasons
  • Do not be limited to just writing, take pictures, draw shapes, colors and/or collage images Keep a log of successes and what you are yet to accomplish
  • Write down all the successes you have enjoyed during the day, and at the end of each week
  • As your list of successes grow, you will feel inspired to keep going, and to do better
  • View failures as things you are yet to accomplish in life

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