Monday 19 August 2019
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Pass the hair drug test by cheating

Many people in the recent days are getting addicted to the drugs. Even the government has tried to ban the selling and buying the drugs, there are many people still using drugs for their enjoyment. Drugs are selling illegally, but people find the sellers and purchase the drug items to use. But people who are using drugs are not thinking about the consequences which they have to dace if they get caught.  If the person who is consuming drugs is caught by the authority the punishment will be very severe. Using of drugs is the main reason for the illegal activities and other crimes happening in the country.


Common drug tests performed

The drugs users are mostly get caught when they are attending a job interview. In many countries, it is been followed that the person who are attending job interviews must undergone a drug test. It is mainly performed to check whether the particular person is an addict for drugs. If the test result shows that he or she is s drug user, then they cannot get the job and they will have severe punishment. The test reports will say how long the person is using drugs or when the person used the drugs before.

There are many common drug tests that are performed in the job interviews. They are urine test, blood test, and hair test. If you are a drugs user, you will get caught in these tests and the legal action will be taken. Even though these tests are being performed to find the drug usage by the person, there many tricks which can be used to pass the tests without showing that you are a drug user. The cheating methods have been found for the urine test and the blood tests, but still you can be found by the hair test.

Cheat the hair drug test

Generally the drugs test will detect the present of the fat soluble THC in the fat cells in the body. The THC forms when you use the drugs like marijuana in large amount. The process of eliminating the THC content is known as THCclean. This content can be easily detected in the hair test, so it has to be eliminated. This content can be eliminated by following certain methods by using detoxifying products like detox shampoo and macujo method. You can evaluate the amount of toxins by using hair follicle home testing kits.

You can pass the test using the macujo method three days before the test by following the proper instructions. You have to wet your hair with warm water and massage your hair with vinegar. Make sure that the vinegar is not getting into your eyes. Massage your hair with Neutrogena and it may cause irritation but you have to leave it for 30 to 40 minutes and rinse your hair. Now the elements of the drugs present in your hair will be removed and you can attend the test confidently. You can find more about the products and the methods on