Saturday 20 July 2019
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Obesity: A Paid Illness and Its Treatment through Bariatric Surgery

In today’s world, the technology makes the humans lazy. Numerous works which were done by man can now be done with machines. The usefulness of technology cannot be neglected but everything has both positive as well as negative aspects. It has both boon and bane for mankind. One of the major affliction of the technology is obesity. Millions of people facing lots of difficulties due to obesity every day. It is a very severe problem which should not be treated lightly. It can cause many dangerous complications and if not treated properly then it may result in death also.  Half of the population are either obese or on the threshold of being obsessed.

Impact of Obesity

There are various impacts of obesity some are as follows:

  1. Reduced Expectancy of Life: The major problem caused by obesity is one that most of the people are unaware of. One who is in the trap of obesity has, unfortunately, less life. In Atlanta, Georgia at the center for disease control estimated that approximately 112,000 to 380,000 deaths are caused by obesity in US during 2000. And the worst part about obesity is that patient pay for their illness. Risk of early death from obesity is the same as the risk of death from smoking.
  2. Medical Diseases: Pathogen is very dangerous as it causes numerous severe diseases and obesity is a consummate pathogen. It welcomes multiple diseases like coronary, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, sleep apnea, hypertension, depression and a wide variety of cancer such as gynecological, breast and gastrointestinal malignancies. The problem of Arthritis is normal in an obese person.
  3. Physical Limitations: Obese people have a limitation in their physical work, they cannot do the work efficiently like a normal one. Generally, they isolated from various sports activities. Numerous physical activities are sort of impossible for them. They get tired and out of breath frequently. They lose their flexibility to a great extent.

How to get rid off

There are numerous methods to tackle the obesity such as exercise, diet plan etc but all these measures necessitate high dedication and willpower which is quite difficult to achieve by the normal person. So the best way to say goodbye to the obesity is bariatric surgery.

Why Bariatric Surgery

It is also known as Weight Loss Surgery. Bariatric surgery acts as the savior for all those who are fighting with obesity. It is one the easiest and safest way to reduce the excess fat from the body. It includes a wide variety of methods which helps in eliminating the obesity. The weight loss is accomplished by lessening the stomach size with the help of the gastric band or by extraction of stomach portion.

One question that one can ask themselves is, do they love themselves? If yes! Then head towards the fight against the obesity.