Monday 18 November 2019
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Know the Causes of side pain

Side pain is a kind of pain felt on the left side part of the body, and it comes with lots of discomforts. There are various parts of the body where side pain can strike depending on the cause. The  side pain is medically cured as well as physically eased through the practice of best exercises for side pain

Let us take a look at various causes of side pain and how we can to respond to the pain. One of the number one causes of side pain is kidney infection a condition known as Pyelonephritis. The primary causal agent of pyelonephritis is bacteria and will result in pain on the left side of the stomach. Other symptoms of the kidney infection are High fever, blood in the urine, and nausea. When you see these symptoms, we advise you see a physician for an antibiotics prescription. Another problem of the kidney that may result in side pain is the inflammation of kidney tissues a condition known as Interstitial Nephritis. Medication or immune system infection causes it. Alport syndrome, a condition that damages the kidney blood vessels can cause side pain. It is an inherited, and therefore medical attention should be sought to correct the effects.

Bladder cancer is another cause of side pain though it is a rare condition. The disease occurs at the lining of the bladder. It is the 6th in the list of most common cancer type in the United States. Usually, pain caused by bladder cancer is severe and persistent. The pain spreads through the abdomen and the left side of the back giving much discomfort. Other symptoms of bladder cancer include high fever, nausea, and fatigue. It is recommended to seek medical attention fast in case you experience such symptoms. Ovarian Torsion can also cause side pain. The ovarian torsion is a condition resulting from the twisting of ovary around its environment. The result is blood loss in the fallopian tube and the ovary.

There are some best exercises for side pain that can be adapted to relieve tension in muscles. They include pelvic tilt whereby you lie flat on your back, with your knees bend, tightened abdominal muscles and slightly upright bend pelvis. This exercise helps strengthen your abdominal muscle and release tension. Another good exercise practice is cat and camel exercises that help strengthen muscles. To do the cat and camel exercise, bend on the arms and knees spaced apart and hands beneath shoulders. The abdomen tightened and gently the back is relaxed.

There are other exercises such as side bend, vertical bend and standing hamstring stretch. However, before embarking on any activity, you must seek medical advice from health practitioners.