Monday 18 November 2019
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Know In Details About The Addiction Of Gambling And Tips To Avoid

In the western countries gambling is a socially accepted form of entertainment.  Official protection is also provided to this game. In United States of America and the countries where gambling is being used as traditional game, a big portion of the population has become addicted.  The level of “Fond of” has been increased and reached to the stage of “Addiction”.  Normally it has been seen that the person using gambling in any form are not able to quit the game.  They can leave all their daily routine, livelihood means, educational process and family responsibility but can’t leave gambling.

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The psychological reasons behind the gambling addiction are seems much effective.  A feeling of greed is the most responsible reason for its addiction.  In many of the countries, people even quarreled in gambling till fatal level.  A gambler needs financial protection by winning every chance.  This insecurity complex makes him/her a weaker person of the society and the gambler wants to be indulged in the profession of gambling only.  The greed pushes a gambler towards the addiction.  In case the individual concerned, earns some and loose some, it doesn’t matter as he/she just want to be in the game.  No other means of livelihood seems better to the gambler.

In most of the countries, it has been experienced that the gamblers are normally don’t want to indulge in any other profession even after the big loses too.  The individual understands the fundamentals of the game and knows better that someday he/she will win a big amount.  The fake stories of earlier losers inspire gambler to become and addict.  Lastly the gambling addiction leads to distract the family relationship. Just take the step by stem decline of a person.  In starting, a person involved in gambling feels some better as the encouragement of winning small amount inspires for a big win.  On next stage, the individual get some isolation from the family because no one wants to spend the deposited amount on the things which are non-producing.  At this stage, a special psychological condition clamps the gambler.  He feels that no one is giving footage to him so it is better to continue on the path of his likings.

Various universities have made a deep research on this issue and formulated some of the principals.  Some deep researches made on the subject and it was found the gambling addiction can be removed if the due motivation is provided to the concerned individual.  The concerned gambler needs a social security.  The isolation from family is one of the biggest reasons of social distraction.  The family members must be motivated to extend helping hand towards such persons as he is not doing this job only in greed of something better.  Psychological and intentional approaches made by the family and friends are also responsible for this addiction.  So better to understand the topic and then provide education on this aspect.

Stress management of the concerned individual is also one of the tips to get rid of from the gambling addiction.  The person must be treated as he is not doing bad job.  He must be encouraged towards some other positive jobs.  The family responsibility must be implanted under the individual so that the common understanding can be developed.  Once a person reflected the symptoms of leaving the additional affection from the gambling, definitely he will come out from it.  Some of the therapies are also in practice to make the individuals free from any types of addiction.  Neurology department has established many theories to make the individuals free from this addiction.  Various doctors have the opinion that the concerned individual should not be forced to leave the gambling but the relatives and friends must pose the situations before the individual so that he may leave it by self.  The differences between addiction and normal gambling must be clarified to the concerned for making quick reaction on the suggestions.

Concerned individual needs to be taught that the restless position will be harmful for his own health and family will also suffer a lot. He must be treated with patience and affection.  It is quite possible that some starting period of your efforts gone in vain but keep trying as something is better than nothing.  Be hopeful and work with firm dedication as if the counselor gets lose, the patient will definitely lose the confidence.