Tuesday 18 February 2020
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Is Drinking Tap Water Safe or Should You Use Water Filtration System?

In some areas, Escherichia Coli created havoc in major bottling facility, 14 different brands of water bottles. Therefore, it is essential to find high-quality water, and one of the best choices is tap water.

We have heard a bunch of times that the human body consists between 50% and 75% water. The brain contains approximately 70% water. This means that the quality of water will have an enormous impact on your overall health.

The main problem is that finding high-quality water is difficult nowadays. You can check this particular website: to learn more about water filter systems so that you can enjoy drinking tap water all day long.

Different Water Types

It is important to understand the differences between water types and their long-term effect on health.  You can count up to three different types of drinking water that you can use such as filtered water, tap water, and bottled water.

The differences between each type have less distinction than most people think. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, more than 25% of bottled water has a same chemical signature as tap water. At the same time, federal regulations are not so strict for bottled water when compared with tap water.

Even though most bottled water goes through filtration, the tap water comes from a different location. Therefore, before you spend money on something that you already own in your household, check how to filter water from the tap.

Click here to get latest news at Natural Resources Defense Council website.

Tap Water Health Benefits And Risks

Some people completely avoid tap water thinking that it brings only bad things to your overall health. However, it has some health benefits too. In general, drinking bottled water instead of tap water will not provide you with additional health benefits.

It is important to mention that bottled water contains less fluoride, which is a great chemical and oral health ally. Some chemicals and compounds found in tap water can be harmful but only in specific circumstances.

If you have a high-risk infection or someone that undergoes chemotherapy, or if you are pregnant, you should avoid tap water and stick to bottled water instead. We recommend you to consult your doctor before you make a choice.

For most occasions and circumstances, tap water is a great choice for hydration and it will for just fine. It does not matter where the origin is, but you have to make sure what is the amount that you should stick to.

What To Do If You Don’t Like Flavor Of Tap Water?

If you don’t like how your water tastes, and you want to drink water similar to those that you purchase in bottles, you should find a filtration device. Even though it is almost impossible to destroy each containment inside the water; you will be able to clear it and keep it safe for long-term use.

Have in mind that when you use a filtration device to clean tap water, you will be able to reduce the awful taste of it and some containment such as chlorine and pesticide residues. However, you won’t be able to remove some chemicals such as nitrates, as well as viruses and bacteria that you can sometimes find in tap water.

The process of chlorination is common for most tap waters. Find more about it on this particular website:

why a reliable water filtration system is important

As the main result, you won’t be able to use traditional filters, because they are slow and expensive in the long run. However, you have another solution, which is why you can find a water filtration system in the whole house.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to make a significant investment, you can find water flavoring online on the market or in your closest grocery store.


Therefore, as a conclusion, we must say that drinking tap water is perfectly safe if you drink it in normal and standard amounts appropriate to your specific condition and body. Studies have shown that bottled waters are not so different and water filtration systems are an expensive investment that you have to make.

Everything depends on your specific situation; preferences and budget that you wish to spend. Tap water didn’t kill anyone, but irrational drinking could cause severe effects. So, talk with your physician about how many cups of water you can drink on a daily basis.