Friday 21 February 2020
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How to Get High Quality Sleep?

Most of the people think that all sleep is the similar, as long as you sleep in the bed. Practically this is not true. There are generally there are two types of sleep poor quality and high quality sleep. And certain people enjoy getting high quality sleep, while some other people rarely come across it. Poor quality sleep can easily be found by observing at the people brain waves while they are sleeping. These brain waves are segmented in places and are normally quite different from the other waves around them.

Poor quality sleep leads you feeling drained, sluggish and very sleepy during the day. Hence, if you fell this way it’s an indication your sleep is of very poor quality. On the other hand, the high quality sleep revitalized and restores your mind and body, assists you avid anxiety and depression, reduce your risk of cardio vascular and heart disease and also it enhances your memory and concentration during the day.


Even though it might appear that your body is inactive while you are sleeping deeply, this is not true in fact. Some of the major changes are going on which includes

  • Decreasing your blood pressure and heart rate
  • Decreasing your breathing rate
  • Slightly drops your body temperature
  • Cortisol and growth hormones are released.

These above things are all very dangerous for regenerating your body and getting freshly ready for the next day. They do not take place as smoothly and efficiently as they should get during the poor quality sleep. If you are a best sleeper, everything goes well and don’t wake up. The brain waves associated with the quality high sleeper are normally uniform within each level and the transition from level to level is very smooth. The poor sleeper’s brain waves have abnormal section in them and it referred to as the fragmentations which are irregular and broken up. They are, normally a sudden change from the slow regular brain waves to fast brain waves that resemble sleeplessness. Huge numbers of these fragmentations happen over the night. These fragmentations generally cause various problems for the sleepers including not enough REM and deep sleep, irregular and broken cycles, sudden changes in the body at night time. They also apt to make the sleeper toss and change a lot during night time and this is an indication of the poor quality. REM and deep sleep are the most important stages of the sleep. REM sleep seems to regenerate your mind and deep sleep seems to regenerate your body.