Tuesday 23 July 2019
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It is a fact; we tend to cry out of depression when we look so odd in front of the mirror and when it comes to wrinkles we tend to have a cardiac arrest. I am not joking, it’s a fact. I am a girl and shall be facing the similarly miserable conditions once in my lifetime. Aging is something that brings with itself wrinkles, distress, and lack of glow, body pain and never-ending problems.

The reason behind Skin Aging

We have very important cells in our body which are the HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE. The producer of this beautiful hormone is the pituitary gland. This hormone is responsible for maintaining the youth, the glow of our body, for the growth of the somatic cells. With aging, there is a decrease in the amount of this hormone. With the decrease, our self-confidence also decreases, we start losing interest in ourselves. In females, with the introduction of the natural menopausal period, their skin starts wrinkling. The body gives out intolerable hot flashes. But the poor women get no option out but crying over the dreadful condition.

best HGH

Advantages & Disadvantages: Artificial HGH Components

There are millions of companies’ spreading their wings worldwide to sell their “best hgh” products with hoardings all around. There is yet no proof how medicated the supplements are. Never venture for such dreadful components. If you are really interested in looking so beautiful even at your 70’s, please take my advice. First of all, judge whether the company selling the product is a certified one. There are many of the therapies that may prove to be fatal for your health.


  • A trusted HGH supplement can raise energy levels in your body, repair the worn out tissues and heal them up even if you are not too young.
  • Especially, the elder people with reduced HGH levels suffer from severe joint pains, in that case, some oral HGH supplements can promote the cartilage development, hence making you feel better.
  • Some of the HGH supplements have also proved to be effective if you are suffering from abnormal conditions of the blood. But the dosage must always be according to the recommendations of your doctor.


  • If the product does not go compatible with your body, this may prove to be injurious to fatal. People have often complained about rising blood pressure levels after consumption of such supplements.
  • One of the rare dreadful cases has been studied with the fact that older men who wanted to raise their libido, had suffered from adverse side effects after the consumption of such pills. The testosterone level in the body can be generated in the body only to a certain limit by the presence of the germ cells, but at an abnormal age, such supplements prove to be fatal.
  • Researchers have also been putting forward a view that unknown solutions composing a supplement results in the abnormal building up of cell in the body which can be cancerous in nature.


If the cream or a medicine that you take orally is branded, tested, and belongs to a renowned pharmaceutical company, it may work. People often go to these supplements to increase the metabolic rate, look beautiful, weaken wrinkles, and increase the sex drive. The maximum customers are composed of women.

You may go for trying the certified ones. But from my personal eye-viewed experiences, I shall suggest you never to take any injections if anyone suggests you that it will work well. I have seen these things go terribly wrong and that’s the reason I thought of warning you. Life is a gift from God. We need to cope up with the natural process of aging. But be very safe, so that your life is safe.