Monday 22 July 2019
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Here is all about positioning equipment

In theMedical arena, the positioning equipmenthas got considerable importance. Surgeries are very crucial and critical. It involves complex procedures to be performed on our sensitive organs. The operations require a lot of precautions to be taken in many ways. The precautions are takenin order to avoid any kind of complications during or post surgery.

Not many people know, but patient positioning equipmentare a mandatory part of prominent surgeries which require high precision and accuracy. The complex surgeries require theparticular position of patients because of two reasons:

  • The safety of the patient which can’t be compromised with
  • The ease of surgeon for performing complex procedures with accuracy in the area which is to be operated.

Keeping in mind the need for precision and safety of patients, the surgical positioning equipmentwere developed. There are many types of surgical positioning equipment which are designed especially considering the different types of surgeries which involve different parts of the body. While doing surgery, the type of surgical positioning equipment will depend on the kind of surgery which the doctor is going to perform.

Positioning equipment can be bought easily from online shops which deal with surgical positioning products. One can choose from the wide array of products at the portals comparing the quality and rates of the products. The product gets displayed within few days of placing the order.

There are various types of positioning items available in present times, and the variety depends on the area which needs to be accessed while performing the surgery.

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The different types of Patient Positioning products are as follows:

About Lateral Positioning equipment

The lateral positioning equipment helps the patient in maintaining the side-lying position while performing the procedure. The lateral positioning equipmentare commonly used for surgeries which target the hemithorax, kidney or for the endoscopy of theupper body. It is also used for ERCP which is a surgery that needs the doctor to assess the condition of the patient’s bile ducts and pancreatic.

About Patient positioning equipment

The patient positioning equipmentare the surgery pads which are vital surgical positioners. They help in taking off the pressure from the head or the lower and upper extremities which depend upon the surgery which is going to be performed. They are also helpful in maintaining the blood flow during thesurgical procedure.

About Surgical preppers

The surgicalpreppers have been used to hold the lower and upper extremities during the surgery.

Here is a list of some of the surgical positioning equipment:

  • Bi-lateral leg prepper
  • Elbow arthroscopy support
  • Universal Prepper
  • Extremity positioners
  • Replacement Universal Prepper pads
  • Replacement leg prepper
  • Leg prepper

Apart from the surgical positioning equipments, there are few other essential positioning items which may be required in the operating room as well which are as follows:

One can easily buy positioning equipments from any online shop at areasonable price.

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