Friday 21 February 2020
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Does your health insurance covers counseling?

Health and wellness is one of the most talked about topics in any social gathering. People are becoming increasingly health conscious and hence they are actively in quest of finding more practical solutions to their problems related to health and wellbeing. 

What triggers mental illness?

Talking about the mental health, it is a rising concern for health care professionals as well as individuals. Let’s look at some of the most important reasons which trigger serious mental issues or health concerns.Bayridge Counselling Centre Burlington can help you tackle these issues in a remarkable way.

Physical Causes: These include the biological factors and are related to genetic constitution of a person. Other than the genes, the lifestyle and habits also play a major role in the physical factors.

Social And Environmental Causes: The living conditions, the environment created by family and community around us and work related insecurity and demands contribute to this category of triggers. Visit Yelp to seek more information on these causes.

Psychological Factors: Everyone is different and so is their ability to handle stresses in life. Each one has a different intensity of reaction towards similar situations. The impact of situations on the mental and emotional state in turn influences the mental health.

Family History: Just as several diseases like diabetes and heart disease are hereditary in nature and are transmitted from family members, similarly a family history of mental illness may influence the environment and even influence to the level that mental illness is triggered in a person.

Do you need counseling?

It is becoming increasingly challenging to cope up with the pressures of social demands, relationships, work stress and physical challenges. It is imperative to have an insurance cover wherein Counseling covered by benefits helps you cover the cost to a great extent, if not entirely. Visit Four Square to know if you need counselling.

Many people hesitate in approaching a counselor primarily because the expenses are not covered under insurance claims. Another fact which should no longer be ignored by employers is that the primary objective of offering insurance cover to their employees is their well being which will reduce their stress and add to their efficiency and commitment towards the organization. Counseling covered by insurance is a feature that employers as well as insurance companies should focus upon and incorporate in their plans.

This not only will have a positive impact in reducing the number of patients suffering through mental illness but more importantly, it will promote awareness within people to avail counseling services from professional counseling centers without delaying it until it becomes completely unavoidable. 

Employee & Family Assistance under Counseling

Many counseling clinics offer Employee & Family Assistance Programs (EFAPs). Under these EFAP sessions, the employees are given individual and group counseling sessions along with interactive activities which allows one to release the stress and negativity which has piled up over the year. The entire program focuses on releasing the stress and strengthens their mental health which will help them overcome the stress which comes to them as part of daily routine.

It is ideal that all insurance companies and the employers should also pay attention on mental wellbeing when negotiating on an insurance policy for their employees and their families.