Monday 22 July 2019
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These are the most phrases which will be used by the women

Some times when the people in a relationship are in extreme anger they will create an issue even if the problem between them is small. When the anger was in women then she will never calm down herself every time she needs her partner to console her even if the mistake is not there. There will be common Obsession phrases review which will be mostly used when they are in anger. Here are some common phrases used by them:

Obey Me:


            This Phrase will make the partner to think that she is in extreme anger and they wanted him to do whatever she wants. This phrase will be like a command were when she said something it has to be done by her partner. Then the man will try his best to complete all those works and please her to apologize with all care and love. Commanding a person is telling him what he wants to do, when he has to do and how he has to do. Even though if it is his activity or responsibility to complete that work, the girl will tell her partner how to complete such activities in some particular, even that she will specify to her partner and make him to complete that work. For his work itself she commands him in this manner so if it is her work she will include so many commands also how to complete the work in a correct way.  If something wrong in her commands she will correct it and make him to complete the work from step one to till end. A girl will know everything about her partner so the commands she give will be like irritating him because when she know that her partner is coming down for her and pleasing her then she will take it as advantage and make him feel worried. Though she does everything she will definitely apologize once they were convinced till that she enjoys the activities done by her partner. This phrase will be almost work out for the entire person who create a small thing as a big issue only for showing their anger.


Some common people will try to make their partner disturbed with some addictive attraction, that too when people having their anger in front they will make the other partner to come and please for the other. In those cases being attractive really matters and the behaviour will catch up the other person to fall down for them. When a man wants her girl to come down he will just behave as if they don’t care anything, the girl gets irritated a lot and so her anger will increase. In the same way, if a girl wants her boy to come down for them then it is very easy she will just do her work and the other casual activities will make the man go crazy and he will with her all the time. These Obsession phrases reviews really matters a lot.