Monday 22 July 2019
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Features of Peptide Synthesis Services

Peptide synthesis is necessary when you have purity or reproducibility concerns about your peptides. In other words, if you have a complex peptide but you need it broken down so that it is available in a particular structure to aid your research or studies, or you need it purified to match a certain purity level, then you will require the services of a peptide synthesis company.

When working with a reputable company, you will receive very high quality peptides, synthesized within a very short time. Additionally, working with a reputable synthesis service will ensure that you get consistent results every time.

Before delving into the specific features of the synthesis services, you should know that most companies will deliver the synthesized peptides in lyophilized powder, aliquoted into various vials. This is to preserve the integrity of the peptides during shipping,and this is to ensure that they don’t come into contact with any form of contaminant.

Here is a brief look into some of the features available with most peptide synthesis services:

Certificate of analysis

The certificate of analysis will show the molecular weight, the appearance, the quantity, and the purity of each peptide synthesized. In most cases, the certificate can be downloaded from the company’s website.

HPLC and MS Reports

For each custom peptide that is synthesized, it will be triple checked through reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography and electrospray ionization mass spectrometry at every stage of the purification process. This is to ensure the delivered peptides have the highest possible peptide fidelity.

Flexible aliquoting options

The aliquoting options you get from peptide synthesis services are very flexible, and in most cases, will suit all your needs. Generally speaking, the first five vials of 0.2mg/vial are free for all orders. This is to ensure that there are no unnecessary freeze-thaw cycles, along with loss of reagent and water absorption, by the synthesized peptides.