Monday 18 November 2019
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Everything you know about drug tests

Drug test is not only limited for the employees in the workplace, but it is also conducted amongst the various professionals like athletes, participants of drug rehabilitation programs and even the criminal offenders. Especially, drug testing is performed by growing number of the small to midsized businesses. The drug tests that are conducted in such places are totally different and if you are keen about knowing such things, then the internet can be the perfect destination to search. Well, this post will give you the exciting chance of knowing about the various kinds of the drug tests performed in the workplace.

drug tests

Varieties of the tests done in the workplace

  • Urine tests – It is the most common tests for the employment purposes. Here, the collected urine samples of the employees are tested for the occurrences of the drugs.
  • Oral tests – This oral test can be done at any time anywhere in the organization. This test is used for determining whether you have recently taken the drugs.
  • Hair tests – It is often used because of the endurance of the hair. Unlike the urine or the blood tests, the hair tests can have the ability to detect the pattern of repetitive use of the drugs. Since this hair test is so expensive than other tests, most of the organizations have prohibited.
  • Breathe tests – This test is usually taken for detecting the alcohol intake. It is possible to measure how much alcohol you have consumed through the amount of alcohol you breathe in and out.
  • Blood tests – It is the test which is used for detecting the present health issues like diabetes, nicotine, cholesterol levels and even the HIV. As it is quite expensive and invasive drug tests, most of the organizations don’t prefer it.

These are the most common tests that are often conducted in the workplaces. In order to carry out such tests, the test kits are sold in the shops. These test kits are used in such places. Well, if you want to know more details about the drug tests, then you can search over the internet place.