Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Elbow injury in Hockey players

Hockey is a sport that requires perfect combination of speed and power. The players always have a risk of attaining injuries due to highly challenging conditions of practice and game. Some of the injuries are avoidable if precaution is taken. The injury can occur in a player due to high level of participation, practicing wrong posture, not using protective equipment and also already existing injuries along with improper style of playing the game. The risk of injury is directly proportional to the level of participation, i.e. every time a player is on the field there is an inherent risk of getting injured and suffer a Hockey Elbow pain.

As the game of hockey is more violent in comparison with other games as it involves lot of pushing around. The players can suffer from many types of injuries like being knocked out, attaining injuries to shoulder, elbows, knees, back and wrists.

Most common reason

The reason for elbow injuries is that the point of elbow is required to be contacted frequently while playing the game and this results in development of bruises to the tissues in that area. Affected area can become swollen and there might be repetitive inflammation in the tissue.

The players must make sure that they wear elbow pads while practicing the game as well as while playing the game. The size of the elbow pads that are chosen is also important; any size that doesn’t fit well to the elbow can become a reason for injury instead of providing protection from the injury. It should have soft pads in the inside and the outer cover must be hard.

In case of a Hockey Elbow pain or uncomforting the players must immediately seek the medical intervention as the last thing that can happen to professional player is permanent damage to the elbow as a result of over working on it.

Hockey Elbow pain

Precautionary measures

Proper warm up and stretching of the muscles is necessary before the game is played. The elbow braces of correct size must be worn all the time. The size and height of the stick plays a major role in amount of pressure that will be exerted on the elbow. Sticks are to be chosen as per the height and weight of the player. The concept of one size fits all doesn’t apply here.

Players must also practice a strict exercise regimen to improve the core strength of the body along with building strong muscle mass. Those exercises and techniques which concentrate on toughening the forearms help in prevention of elbow injuries. Prevention is always better than cure and stronger the forearm the lesser the chances of elbow injury. Regular lifting of dumbbells can build the required strength.

If the symptoms of pain subside for more than few weeks, players must immediately seek medical intervention from the doctor. The doctor may suggest few drugs and physiotherapy sessions as treatment. While undergoing the treatment players should make sure they don’t exert any pressure in the area of the elbow pain and cause an irreparable damage to themselves.


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