Tuesday 23 July 2019
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What Are The Different Types Of Physiotherapy Treatments?

Everybody in the world is troubled by pain caused due to injury, poor posture, muscle imbalance, etc at some point in their life. If you are facing such similar problems, then you should consult a physiotherapist.  A physiotherapist can help you in recovering from minor injuries to major injuries in a non surgical way. A physiotherapy session helps you on your path of recovery at a rapid pace and it has no side effects.

Duties of Physiotherapist:

  • Diagnose a problem: A physiotherapist will first try to identify and locate the source of your pain and then will treat the affected area with a suitable treatment so that it does not reappear. Nowadays physiotherapies are not only used for recovering from injuries but also for treating of headaches, treatment of respiratory diseases treating the ‘whiplash syndrome’ and many others. Here is the list of treatments which a physiotherapist will offer you.

Physiotherapy Treatments

Different Treatments For Your Different Problems:

  • Treatment for peri-articular structures: If you are suffering from inflammation of peri-articular structures, arthritis and neuromas then ‘Ultrasound’ a technique which takes the help of high frequency sound waves is used to relieve your pain and help you in path of recovery.
  • Treatment for joint pain: If you are suffering pain in your joints then they will use the ‘joint mobilization’ procedure to relieve you from the pain. This procedure improves joint movement relieves muscle tension and normalizes the functionality of the joints by increasing joint nutrient supply.
  • Relaxation from being fatigued: If you play sports or take part in any strenuous activity then you are most likely to feel fatigued and your back and knee will be giving you a lot of problems. A ‘sports massage’ is the best solution for all your problems. Besides getting rid of the pain a sports massage also helps prevent injuries, promotes flexibility, improves stamina and endurance and helps you to give your best as it minimizes the recovery time.
  • Treatment from spinal pain: If you are facing spinal pain then you should opt for the ‘spinal decompression’ therapy to lessen the pain. This therapy involves traction to be placed on your back or neck so that the muscle around the vertebrae of the spine stretches. Which results on diminishing the excess pressure on the spinal cord?
  • How to stabilize muscle? ‘Taping’ is a physiotherapy procedure which provides you with muscle stabilization, muscle feedback and joint protection. It is also used to reduce pain in your musculoskeletal system by promoting lymphatic flow and drainage and by re-educating the neuromuscular system.
  • Often you may face pain in your back, neck and shoulders because of poor posture, repetitive movements, poor seating, computer alignment and desk position. If so then you should go for ‘ergonomics training’ and ‘postural training’. This will help you to prevent body-aches and you will learn how to maintain a good posture.
  • If your muscles are in knots and the pain is killing you then you should take a ‘medical massage’. This therapy will help you in relieving the constant muscle tension from your muscle tissues.
  • If you want to diminish pain from your life and getting the maximum output from your body then you should try out some core stability exercise given by an expert. This type of exercise helps your body to learn correct movement of core muscles in the correct pattern. This as results helps your body to work more efficiently.
  • If you want to increase your flexibility, strength and gain a better and complete control over your muscles then you should try out some ‘therapeutic exercises’ prescribed by your physician.

So if you are facing any of the problems discussed in this blog then you should contact a physiotherapist as soon as possible. You can get the details of a good physiotherapy clinic with the help of internet. With proper search and research you can find out the different types of therapy provided by them which suits your needs.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog!!! If you would like to know more then click here and get some more information.