Monday 19 August 2019
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Cbd And Its Nootropic Uses

Cbd or Cannabidiol oil which is an active compound found in the cannabis plant along with THC has many health and nootropic benefits.  Though both cbd and THC are obtained from the same cannabis plant, the properties of both the substances are very different and hence the effects on users too vary. THC Is a psycho active substance which provides a feeling of psycho active high in its users, while Cbd is a non psycho active substance which has many health benefits and can be used in medical treatments. The health benefits provided by cbd include relief from pain, reducing inflammation, treatment of skin disorders and many other brain boosting benefits. The nootropic cbd benefits include protection of the brain from toxins and improvement in the functioning of the brain increasing focus and memory.

A substance is said to have nootropic properties if it improves the cognitive functioning of the brain or protects the brain from degeneration. Cbd provides both the benefits by stimulating the body to improve the production of natural endocannabinoids, which help in protecting the central regulatory system of the body. The central regulatory system of the body is responsible for many key functions of the body like mood, managing pain sensation, controlling the appetite and the overall functioning of the brain.

nootropic cbd

The presence of nootropic cbd effects in Cannabidiol oil makes it the perfect medication for patients suffering from mental disorders like anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, stress and addiction related issues. The regular consumption of cbd improves the process of neurogenesis in the brain which helps the users to fight these mental conditions. Cbd also helps to reduce the inflammation in the blood brain barrier which helps the brain to keep away the toxins from the blood stream. The reduction of inflammation in blood brain barrier helps in its proper functioning of safeguarding the brain. Another important brain boosting effect of cbd is it interacts very well with the serotonin receptors in the brain and positively affects the mood and regulates stress. The anti- oxidant properties of cbd helps the brain to fight the oxidation of cells and protects it from neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Cbd also helps the patients fighting with addiction issues by reducing the deaddiction symptoms like anxiety, irritation, mood swings and pain.

Cbd is advised for patients suffering with various mental conditions because of its nootropic properties which protect the brain and improve its functioning. However it is always advisable to follow the instructions of a certified medical practitioner about the use of cbd and its recommended dosage.

Further studies have shown that it has helped to activate various areas in the brain which may act like a caffeine shot given. There are neurotransmitters that are generated by the use of CBD. It does not have psychoactive properties but it is highly effective for being a neuro protective in nature, which can be seen when there is a repair of damaged neurons and it helps regeneration of many types of nerve cells. Hence it is quite useful as stress buster.