Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Buying Loose Tea Online is a Great Idea for Healthier Lifestyle

Tea that is sold in bulk is known as loose leaf. The tea bags are ready-to-drink containers of tea. They are packed in either cloth or paper and are available in solid boxes. Loose leaves come under the category of higher tea grades and gives rich aroma and refined flavour profile in comparison to tea bags.

When you buy loose leaf tea, you find that they are not enclosed tightly and that is why they have a full chance of expansion. They are a combination of whole and partial leaves. Also, the appearance is more sophisticated and striking than the packed tea bags.

Benefits of tea bags:

The only benefit associated with the usage of tea bags is the convenience it provides to the user. There are many places and occasions where using tea bags are convenient and naturally the only option available to tea drinkers.

When you are travelling, finding loose leaf tea is next to impossible.

Also, in your workplace, it is generally not affordable to use tea strainer and tea infuser to make good tea.

There are places where loose leaf tea can be bought only online as the local stores may not be available. Thanks to the concept of supermarkets!

Loose Tea Online

Benefits of loose leaf tea:

But in daily use and for better taste and aroma, nothing can replace the loose tea. The below given points can encourage you to buy loose tea, especially the single estate tea.

  • Cost effective: It is very economical in comparison to packed tea of the same quality. A bigger amount of yours goes to the packaging charges which can be saved in the purchase of the loose tea. Hence, they are more affordable.
  • Best quality: The best quality in any tea form is mostly available only in the loose form. It consists of better quality tea which has all the elements of production such as growing and processing of leaves which adds a superior flavour.
  • Eco-friendly: Buying loose tea is a better decision when love for the environment is concerned. It does not deal with the usage of unnecessary material and energy as done in tea bags.
  • Provides economic justice: It is basically sold fresh and packed ones are sold very far from the place where it is grown. In many cases in a different country all together. The share of profit never reaches the growers which the companies earn in the name of packing charges.
  • Brewing strength in control: While brewing it, depending on the level of strength you need, you can measure the quantity of leaf to be used and have the brewing potency as per your wish.
  • Can be used as compost: The used leaf can be directly used as mulch in your compost. The packed form is also available these days in biodegradable bags, but they take a very long time to decompose. Also, in many cases nylon or plastic is used for the sealing of bags which are not bio-degradable and can never decompose.

When a whole large leaf is used to brew, it can easily be removed from the tea. And a strainer, filter or infuser can be used to brew the loose tea. Special strainers are available for this purpose.

Some pots have built-in filters that hold the leaves from getting steeped into the cup while serving.

One of the most convenient methods is the usage of permanent stainless steel basket that settles inside the cup or the teapot which always keeps the leaves away from the drinkable portion.

Tea balls are also one of the common options. But while using them care must be taken that they provide enough space to the loose leaf to expand well.


Buying loose leaf tea, especially the single estate tea is always a healthy and convenient option for all the tea lovers out there. You can sip the best of flavour with its strong aroma in the most economical way.

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