Monday 18 November 2019
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What is Body pierce?

Body pierce is a way in which body part is pierced with needles and is punctured. Then any jewelry piece is inserted in to it. Basically it is a body modification process. This process has been part of humans since many ages. But, has gained popularity in recent years. It was carried out in primitive times too. Many cultures practice body pierce as part of their tradition but now-a-days it is done for its aesthetic appeal and is considered fashionable. Different types of piercing can be done like nose, ears, eyebrow, navel, genital and even tongue are pierced these days.

Process of body pierce:

Firstly one should always get body pierced from a professional only. It is a very sensitive and detailed process and has to be handled properly.

The process is as follows:

  1. The area which is to be pierced is cleaned with a disinfectant. This is done to ensure that it does not encourage any bacterial infection later.
  2. The person performing also needs to maintain hygiene. He needs to clean his hands and wear proper gloves.
  3. The jewelry piece which is to be pierced should be sterilized prior to avoid problems later.
  4. Then the skin is punctured with a sharp needle. The needle used should be new and disposable type. Then the jewelry piece is attached to it.
  5. Again the area is cleaned properly. Certain instructions are to be followed for some days to avoid any infection.
  6. The needle is then disposed off in a proper manner.

Before considering body pierce there are certain things to keep in mind like:

  • Do not do this if you are pregnant or planning for a baby.
  • Genital piercing can interfere in sex life.
  • One should be above 18 years of age to carry out this process.
  • Always ensure the place you are going is clean and sanitized well.
  • If you are a heart patient then it is better to avoid it as it increases the chances of heart related diseases.
  • The area to be pierced should not have any blisters or cuts.
  • Special type of jewelry should be used for piercing. Any random jewelry cannot be used for this.
  • Follow all the proper instructions during healing. It is very important to take good care of the area.
  • If not done properly, it can lead to host of problems like infections like HIV, Hepatitis, Lot of bleeding, tetanus, skin allergies, skin infections, skin reaction because of bad quality jewelry, Boils on skin, formation of abscess, dental damage if piercing done on lips and tongue.

Hence be very careful about this whole process.

Popularity and love for piercing:

Even body pierce involve so many risks, still it is gaining popularity and people like to pierce their body parts. There are several reasons for this like:

  • It has become fashionable these days to pierce body parts. Many singers, actors, rock stars do this and hence instantly it becomes popular among youth. They just like to follow their favorite star.
  • It has become fashion symbol. People piercing navel, eyebrow, lips love to flaunt it. They consider it very fashionable.
  • Some people simply are attracted to it and think it adds value to their whole look. Hence they get pierced.
  • In some culture like in India, it is a tradition to pierce nose and ears. It is considered good and many girls still follow it.
  • Some youngsters do piercing as their whole group does it. It is a way of showing togetherness.

Thus there are various reasons why people love Body piercing. But the thumb rule to be remembered is that always get it done from a safe place and only if you are willing to do it.