Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Benefits Of Donating Eggs

What are the benefits of donating eggs? This is a common question among women who wish to donate their eggs to other women who for one reason or another are unable to conceive. There are thousands of health facilities which have the required medical equipments to safely carry out this process. Advancement in technology has actually led to development of new equipments that makes the process very comfortable for all as compared to traditional process which exposed donors to pain and agony.

So, how does egg recipient benefit? The answer to this question is pretty straightforward and simple. They get a chance to have a healthy child whom they can love, raise, and cherish forever as their own. However, due to differences in genetic makeup, the child might have some unexpected or special traits. Nevertheless, he or she will grow up normally just like other kids.

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Research studies shows that millions of people from different parts of the world are seriously desperate to get children. Unfortunately, an overwhelming 15% of them are unable to achieve this goal due to health and fertility issues which at times cannot be fully rectified without putting their lives on the line. Additionally, the cost of undergoing surgical procedures to rectify the problem is extreme high for most people.

There is literally no greater act than giving your DNA to someone else. Simply put, it’s an incredible selfless and trusting action that will be remembered by the couple and their child for many years to come. Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy making the bold decision of donating eggs.

  –  More Confidence and Pride: It has been proven scientifically that women who donate eggs feel more confident and enjoy long lasting sense of pride afterwards for their kind deeds.

  –  Your DNA lives on: Ideally, by donating your eggs, you will be transferring your unique genetic makeup to a new family line that has a whole unique set of DNA. You will rest in peace knowing that someone somewhere is raising your child as well as spreading the genes to other generations even after your demise. Lucky, if you happen to meet the child in future, you will make a connection and bond that will last forever. However, parents can decide to keep it a secret or disclose the information to their child later on in life.

  –  Extra Cash: Believe it or not, not all women who donate eggs do it for sole purpose of helping other couples with fertility issues. There are some who do it to make some extra income as the facility generously compensate all donors no matter their gender. Some agencies pay up to $10,000, but you have to undergo some medical tests before donating. This helps in ensuring that the recipients get quality and healthy eggs.

When planning to donate eggs, it is highly recommendable to do so in a facility or agency that is legally accredited. Background research can help you determine credibility of the agencies. Extend a helping hand to women who are trying to bear children in vain by donating eggs.