Monday 30 March 2020
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Advantages of Home Health Care

When you’re caring for a family member who requires assistance, it can be difficult to choose among care options. This article discusses the advantages of choosing at home health care Bethesda MD.

Reduce Costs, Improve Care Access

Compared to 24-hour care in a nursing home, home health services can be less expensive. If you utilize an adult day care facility, you must arrange and pay for transportation to that center. With home health, the care services come to the patient’s location. A care plan can be tailored to provide assistance only with those tasks that a patient needs. For patients who are still able to perform some activities of daily living, limiting the scope of services can help save money.

Respite care for family caregivers helps to reduce the medical and emotional costs of caregiver burnout. Caregivers are better able to keep caring for people at home, instead of resorting to nursing homes, when they have regular breaks and rest.

More Personalized Care

Patients who are experiencing anxiety or confusion as a result of their medical conditions often prefer to stay in familiar surroundings. Rather than travel to an institutionalized setting, patients can remain in the comfort of their home when you contract with home health services.  Reduced anxiety can increase compliance with physical therapy activities and medication administration.

Home health agencies create a personalized care plan when they contract with a client. The providers who visit are only focused on the client, not on multiple patients at a time as in a typical nursing home. This leads to more individualized care. Providers form close relationships with clients and family members. They get to know favorite foods, activities, and television shows.

Home health provides an option to provide more personalized care for individuals in their homes, at lower costs.