Saturday 25 January 2020
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What are the reasons for your dandruff problem?

Do you want to know the reasons for your dandruff? Right! It is an important thing to have the knowledge for the reasons of dandruff to maintain your healthy hair. There are many reasons which can cause the dandruff problem. Here are giving some of these reasons.

Dryness of your skin

The major cause of the dandruff is the dryness of your skin. When you do not take care of your dry skin properly, the dead and dry cells of your skin accumulate on your scalp and cause your dandruff problem throughout the whole year.

Having allergies to yeast

Sometimes, you may have the allergies to yeast. When you take any kind of food containing yeast, you may suffer from the dandruff problem. Sometimes, you have to face dandruff problem in winter than in summer. The reason is that in summer the strong Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B help you to stay away from dandruff problem in the summer season.

Deposition of dirt on the scalp

When the dead and dry skin deposit on your scalp, it creates your dandruff problem. Your dirty scalp is the ideal place for growing the microbes. This condition leads to the yeast and fungal infection on your scalp. To maintain cleanliness of your scalp is an efficient way to avoid your dandruff problem. You should wash your hair using good shampoo for dandruff. If you have not sufficient time to make your shampoo in a regular way to maintain the hygienic condition of your hair, you can use the dry shampoo. It will also help you to maintain your hair as well as the scalp properly.

Insufficient and inefficient combing of hair

Comb your hair efficiently to ensure the cleanliness of your hair as well as the scalp. You should take care properly for the removal of the dirt on your scalp. This is essential to avoid the growth of the fungal infection on your scalp. If you can remove the dirt on your scalp in the right way, you will get relief from your dandruff problem.

Having seborrheic dermatitis

Sometimes, dandruff can cause depending on your skin type. If you have seborrheic dermatitis which involves irritated, itchy and rash prone skin or scalp, it can be the reason for your dandruff problem. The excessive production of oil from your skin will help to hold the dirt on your scalp. You can use Ketomac shampoo to control the oil problem and the causes of your dandruff.

Having skin disease

If you have skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and other kinds of skin diseases, you may have a dandruff problem. You should take the specialist’s advice to control your dandruff.


Maintaining a good diet you can reduce your dandruff problem. You should take sufficient fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain the good health condition of your hair.

The bad effect of mental stress

You should avoid your mental stress. Your mental stress can cause your health problem and insufficient sleep. This will leads to your dandruff problem. You should try to reduce your mental stress to avoid dandruff problem.

Finally, you can take care properly for your scalp to avoid the dandruff problem.